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Netcents (NCCO) And Verge (XVG) Partner To Embark On Project Mass Adoption

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Netcents (NCCO) And Verge (XVG) Partner To Embark On Project Mass Adoption

Netcents (NCCO) and the Cryptocurrency with anonymity and privacy at its core mind, Verge (XVG), looks to have reached an agreement in executing a task dubbed as Project Mass Adoption.

Coming from Netcents today in Frankfurt, is the news that it has reached agreement with Vergecurrency in developing and leveraging value-added opportunities in the cryptographic space.

Netcents noted that while the partnership is designed on a win-win platter, Vergecurrency which has one of the largest crypto community will be using its robust social media and marketing channels to promote the NetCents platform, and NetCents will be serving Verge as a vendor of its native currency XVG.

Not long, NetCents announced it partnered with a firm servicing over 120 million daily visitors. Although, the name of the firm was first hidden, but it latter turned out to be MindGeeks.

The agreement which is mass adoption oriented will help promote Verge as NetCents integrates XVG into its ecosystem which include credit card, Instant Settlement programs, merchant gateway and user portal.

A Verge core team member, Mark Wittenberg said it is a pleasure for Vergecurrency to have entered into such a perfect agreement, as NetCents stands as a company that strives in making Cryptocurrencies available for everyday use, a goal that is in parity with Verge’s

Wittenberg added that at Verge, they are optimistic that the agreement will initiate new chapter for Verge, NetCents, and the cryptocurrency industry in general.

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