NetCents Gets Access To 500K Merchants, Launches First Crypto (TRX, XVG, ZEN) SaaS-Based Processing Platform

NetCents Gets Access To 500K Merchants, Launches First Crypto (TRX, XVG, ZEN) SaaS-Based Processing Platform

Recently, NetCents has reached agreement with different firms across the globe giving the cryptocurrency gateway provider the advantage to have access to 500,000 merchants.

While making this vital information widespread, NetCents announced it has released the first SaaS-based cryptocurrency processing platform, opening Tron (TRX), Verge (XVG), Horizen (ZEN), NEM (XEM), among other cryptocurrency integrated on the platform.

These updates, according to Clayton Moore, CEO of NetCents, will give the company easy ride to onboarding new merchants and monitor processing volumes to meet system requirements.

He said, “Our recent agreements have given NetCents direct access to 500,000 merchants and this update will allow the company to deploy integrations quicker and scale more easily. With this upgrade, we continue to deliver on our growth strategy.”

The NetCent SaaS platform is achieved to meet the future and current requirements of the partners.

The NetCents SaaS platform is a turnkey solution for firms and individuals wanting to start or add Cryptocurrency processing to their platform or portfolio.

The awesomeness and flexibility of the platform make the system give room for white labeling, onboarding, and integration into existing platforms.

Moore added: “We knew that we needed to partner with key players in the payments space and work together to bring crypto payments from a vision of the future to a reality and make it easier for consumers to spend crypto.”

“With our upgraded platform we are now poised to be able to rapidly onboard these new partners and their merchants, bringing us one step closer to our goal of becoming the technology that powers cryptocurrency payments worldwide.”

The platform will heighten NetCents’ progress in environments where cards are present and where they are not.

The platform upgrade makes the company to develop four robust API documents. This is done to bring ease into integration with merchants, partners, and POS and terminal environments.

Built to monitor processing volume, the SaaS platform is developed on top of elastic computing technology, making it yield to volatility and changes in requirement.


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