NEM (XEM) Linked In US$2 Mln Multiversum’ Partnership With Invox Finance

NEM (XEM) Linked In US$2 Mln Multiversum’ Partnership With Invox Finance

Nem (XEM), a blockchain technology platform, has been linked in a $2 Mln worth of partnership between Multiversum and Invox Finance.

The strategic partnership, which is to bring together, the exceedingly leading technology of Multiversum and Invox Finance, will see Invox Finance use NEM’s blockchain protocol to perfect its database solution. It will also make the company explore the incredible use cases of NEM for its platform.

According to available information, the partnership will help Invox Finance to expand globally sustaining on Multiversum’s state of the art technical and commercial support.

Nem and Multiversum are both blockchain technology inclined company, the latter is more into database, giving room for a well-equipped storage solution.

The company is well recognized for its unmatched role in system development and complex data processing for many international companies like KBC bank and Oracle Corporation, among others.

The company’s relation with Hyperchain and NEM will give Multiversum the scope of digging deep into NEM’s ecosystem.

In a message indicating Multiversum’s happiness, the company’s CFO Alberto, with over 20 years experience in the banking industry, said he was thrilled with the topnotch solution offered by Invox Finance.

Invox Finance’s COO Adam who indicated how happy he was with the partnership aired that Multiversum is standing as the new reference for management and data storage using the 21st century solution provided by blockchain technology.

The partnership is a big favour for NEM; It will make the two companies subscribe to NEM’s blockchain technology while giving other companies the advantage to see NEM as a profitable blockchain company worthy of partnering with.

Early, NEM Malaysia launched the largest blockchain centre in Asia, setting aside around $120,000 for perfecting any blockchain solution worthy of international and national acceptance.

The opened hub will be an incubation centre for startups and will offer a wide range of blockchain help for companies, both small scale and large scale.

NEM has been pushing for mass adoption of blockchain in recent time, liaising with hubs and spending whopping sum on blockchain education and ideas in the nooks and crannies of the world.

Image Credit: Smartereum.


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