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Nav Coin: Ensuring Privacy in Decentralized Digital Transactions

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Nav Coin: Ensuring Privacy in Decentralized Digital Transactions

Nav Coin (NAV) is a Crypto that is dedicated to anonymity and privacy in decentralized digital transactions. It is a Crypto that is known for its optionally private, fast, with an interface that is easy to use. Plus, it is a Crypto that is largely driven by its own community.

Encrypt S Ltd is the team behind the Nav Coin Crypto. Nav Coin website consists of an eight-member core team. It should be noted though, that the platform is an Open-source project that is largely dependent on the community. It is a strong community in which anyone that wishes to contribute can easily do so. The “lead engineer” of Nav Coin, Craig MacGregor is also the CEO of Encrypt S Ltd., the latter being the company that is behind the Cryptocurrency.

The creators of Nav Coin (NAV) obviously understands the importance of employing creativity in marketing especially in the Crypto world. This has made the Crypto one of the most easily understood and the most beautiful Cryptocurrencies out there. All thanks to its marketing team led by Kieran Hyland and its creative team directed by Laura Harris.

Nav Coin (NAV): Benefits and Advantages

Navcoin was been built on the original code of Bitcoin, and a little bit more. A first major difference is that rather than adopting the latter’s Proof of Work, it makes use of a more energy efficient Proof of Stake algorithm.

Nav Coin (NAV) also makes use of a dual Blockchain technology with a sub-Blockchain known as NavTech in order to offer private transactions. A major feature that actually makes it stand out here is in the fact that anonymity and privacy are actually not necessary but optional. In a case whereby privacy is requested, the user is dissociated from the transaction.

The NAV transaction is routed via the NAVTech subchain which requires multiple layers of encryption. With that, anonymity is actually guaranteed.

Another benefit of Nav Coin (NAV)’s transactions lies in the fact that it is faster and cheaper than Bitcoin and other Crypto transactions. Block confirmations will take place every 30 seconds, that is much faster when considering the fact that Bitcoin’s Block confirmation takes place every 10 minutes.

Nav Coin (NAV) makes use of the Proof of Stake Technology. This makes it easier and cheaper for it to be mined and earned when compared to Proof of Work Cryptos. With the proof of stake technology, users are required to put up a portion of their NAV holdings in order to get an opportunity to create an actual block and earn rewards.

Where To Buy NAV Coin (NAV)

Despite the fact that Nav Coin (NAV) is an old Crypto, it is available only on 10 exchanges.  The token can be bought with Bitcoin, WAVES, Ethereum, Tether, and few other Cryptos. Some other exchanges, such as Litebit, Upbit, and Yobit also accept fiat currencies in Euro, Korean Won, and U.S dollars respectively. The best wallet to use for the Coin’s storage is the NAV wallet.

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