Nano (NANO) To Launch Payment Processor, KitePay With POS Use

Nano Kitpay

In coming days, the tease that Nano (NANO) Payment Processor, Kitepay will come to live will fully maturate with the release of the fascinating project.

On October 3rd in a weekly spotlight, Nano (NANO) the digital currency for the world, disclosed some of the feature of the impending payment processor Kitepay.

According to the release, Kitepay’s designed has been structured to help merchants simplify the processing and acceptance of cryptocurrency through a reliable means which confirms payment for goods and services with different currencies.

Focused on providing a secure and elegant payment solution for merchants by mitigating complexities in the acceptance of Cryptocurrency, Kitepay hands its users optimum privacy by allowing them have their own private keys for Cryptocurrencies rather than using a 3rd party escrow account.

With an all-in-one solution which Kitepay module offers, merchant can accept payment through services like Stripe and Coinbase, and systems for individual Cryptocurrencies initiated into their existing web portals.

Added to all the favorable features offered, Kitepay Payment Processor can be used by Point of Sales (PoS) systems to endorse payment.

Kitepay, which its team consist of Nano community members, designed its project for merchants to accept crypto like Nano (NANO) by creating personalized, all-in-one payment solution.

While the team is still developing the Payment Processor on a defined roadmap, Kitepay aims to make the project come to live by end of November, enabling merchants accept Nano.

Kitepay noted that the November launch will be a testnet which will be issued to select merchants, so that they can issue feedbacks on necessary improvements.


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