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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Nano (NANO) Goes Live On Delta Direct, Showcases 3 New Updates, Awaits October 12 For Major Upgrade

Nano Update


Nano (NANO) Goes Live On Delta Direct, Showcases 3 New Updates, Awaits October 12 For Major Upgrade

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The fourth quarter of the year looks to have opened Nano (NANO) to more winning tricks as the altcoin strides for a trip to Damascus, and things are becoming rosier for Nano in the space.

After months of being dragged into an unprecedented lawsuit which almost shattered the aims of the altcoin in the crypto space, Nano finally found an illuminated tunnel end which started with the withdrawal of the charge by the plaintiff on October 1st, as announced by Nano foundation.

After the lawsuit success, Nano Foundation, due to synchronization and transacting glitches experienced on the altcoin’s platform, opted for the release of the version v16.1 which solved some of the problems.

Delta Lists Nano (NANO)

Coming today is a news that Delta, a Cryptocurrency portfolio tracker application has listed Nano on its platform. Delta helps users to keep tab on their crypto of choice, updating them with latest info like prices, market charts and more about the coins.

With the inclusion of Nano, Delta has been able to list more than 2000 cryptocurrencies on its platform, making users get informed about their investment.

Nano (NANO) Showcases 3 New Updates

While maintaining its developmental pace in the crypto space, Nano, in its weekly update unveiled 3 new updates which it had been working on for some time.

According to the release, Nano, after the launch of the 16.1 version, has been working hard on the release of the Version 17, and the team behind the altcoin has been able to finalizing Lazy Bootstrapping in preparation for the first release candidate.

Secondly, after taking much time labeling process threads inside the Nano node software, users are now enabled with the option of viewing the CPU utilization each thread is using. Added to that, the duration which the thread has been runnable can also be viewed.

Lastly, has been able to open Nano blockchain technology to new users with the unveiling of its latest service called Beam. With Beam, development teams can now transmit updates on their projects across the CoinGecko platform

Nano (NANO) Await October 12 For Major Update

The team behind the altcoin has noted that it is working relentlessly on the release of the version 17RC1 which will help users of the Cryptocurrency get better experience. While the altcoin is yet to have a firm date for the launch of the update, it has tentatively scheduled for October 12th for the release of the new version, and there has so far no impediments.

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