McAfee-backed Docademic (MTC) Relates With Devlyn, Company With Around 900 Stores

McAfee-backed Docademic (MTC) Relates Devlyn, Company With Around 900 Stores

John McAfee-backed Docademic (MTC) seems to be receiving a major boost after it announced has sealed a partnership deal with Devlyn, a company with over 9 million clients, 4000 employees and more than 880 retail locations in the US, Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador.

McAfee-backed Docademic (MTC) Relates Devlyn, Company With Around 900 Stores

The company has many retail brands including Occhiali, Solare, Vetro, DevlynOpticos among others.  Devlyn was founded around 1936 by Dr. Frank J. Devlyn, becoming a family owned multinational optical retailer operating in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and the USA.

The announcement is a major boost for the McAfee-supported cryptocurrency whose ICO was said to be successful by many analysts. Docademic is touted as the only digital currency with the intention of dishing out free healthcare.

Docademic (MTC) Medical Token

Docademic has the Medical Token Currency (MTC) as the only means to interact with the blockchain enabled healthcare platform.

McAfee-backed Docademic (MTC) Relates Devlyn, Company With Around 900 Stores

In the same line, MTC is the crypto currency supported by the ecosystem. The platform makes it easy for interested parties to interchange valuable data between them.

Docademic has been at the front performing excellently. In Q3, it launched what it called “Psychologic App” branded as Cool Emotion.

The platform makes it easy for participants involved in health delivery to receive values in exchange for the token they hold, making it easy for health practitioners, hospitals and patients to relate from any location across the world by exchanging data, products and services with the use of MTC.

In the same line, the cryptocurrency is gaining mass adoption and becoming the most sought after landing on respected exchanges across the globe.

If any coin deserves mass adoption Docademic should be at the front due to the fact that health is becoming very expensive. However, seeing an idea like this targeting health industry with free health care is the beginning of new thing in the arena. Docademic, with all sincerity is that expected revolution in the health industry.


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