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Mastercard Eyes Crypto Industry As Trade War Pushes Bitcoin to $12,000

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Mastercard Eyes Crypto Industry As Trade War Pushes Bitcoin to $12,000

Mastercard is planning to venture into the cryptocurrency world amid the worsening trade war between the United Stated of America and the People’s Republic of China that has deeply impacted the price of Bitcoin, positively.

A publication by TheBock Crypto revealed that Mastercard has released three job openings for senior-level positions for competent hands that can help the firm achieve in the cryptocurrency world by helping the firm focus on wallets and payments solution, the company’s job opening showed.

According to the update, Mastercard is seriously seeking two competent directors for the positions of “product development & innovation – blockchain solutions architect” and “product management – cryptocurrency/wallets”.

As well, it is seeking one vice president in the product management of blockchain.

As revealed by platform, the selected officials are to oversee works of “cross-functional team” that comprises of region, labs, products, regulations compliance, franchise and technology to invent new solutions and products.

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As described in the job board, the employees are to work on wallet solutions. Applicants are expected to have experience in the cryptocurrency world and must have managed cryptocurrency wallet products.

While it is hard to specifically point what Mastercard is planning to design, it is possible the latest collaboration with Facebook may be behind the new move.

As Mastercard is a member of Facebook Libra Project, it is hard to state the firm intends to design its blockchain product –a lookalike of Facebook’s Libra.

US-China Trade War Pushes Bitcoin Close to $12000

The US-China trade war is strongly impacting the price of Bitcoin. On Friday when the US President Donald Trump declared another $300 billion tariffs on Chinese goods, the price of Bitcoin, which was below $10,000 before the announcement, soared above $10,500.

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Early Monday, Bitcoin is maintaining a solid ground in the market, touching $11700 after over 10% surge. According to Coindesk data, at some point, it went above $11,800 before sliding back to $11,778.

Observing the speedy growth of Bitcoin, analyst Max Keiser has said Bitcoin and gold will reap massively from the Chinese fiat chaos. Also, the Bitcoin and gold maximalist said it is possible Bitcoin touch $15,000 this week.

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