Mass Adoption: Electroneum (ETN) Grabs Huge Glory On Blockport And Bitladon

Electroneum Btc

The case of Electroneum (ETN) is simple like that of Oliver Twist. The cryptocurrency always wants more, especially in the area of mass adoption so as to drag cryptocurrency towards mainstream usage.

Despite the fact that the previous year ended with dashed hope in the price of most Cryptocurrencies in the space, the mobile-based mining English blockchain project grabs two great developments signaling a tremendous trip for mass adoption.

According to an update, the Electroneum (ETN) community shoved in an incredible win for the altcoin in a Blockport Community Voting Contest.

The first social crypto exchange based on a hybrid-decentralized architecture, Blockport, sometimes in December launched a poll for its community, asking members to vote for the next crypto they’ll like to see on the platform.

Subsequently, Electroneum emerged the winner at the end of the contest according to an announcement from the crypto trading platform.

Blockport further noted that among of all Cryptocurrencies, Electroneum topped the ‘anonymous’ voting category, and it had the utmost participants in the standard and public-profile voting category.

Electroneum (ETN) Wins Bitladon Voting Poll

Toward the end of 2018, another crypto trading platform also initiated a voting poll to know the next crypto users will like to see on the platform to enhance its services.

The contest which featured four coins which includes Electroneum, BitcoinGreen, Bitcore and OST, saw ETN atop with 78.07% vote, surfacing on the platform as the next cryptocurrency available for trade.

The development, according to Electroneum will now grant users access to buy ETN with Euro on the crypto exchange platform.

Huge Adoption For Electroneum (ETN)            

Surely, listing on a crypto exchange platform is among the greatest news for a coin in the crypto space. While both crypto exchange platforms are based in Netherlands with great recognition in the country, the latest listing signals huge glory for the altcoin in Netherlands, and beyond.


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