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Litecoin Accepted by Luxury Curtain Services

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Litecoin Accepted by Luxury Curtain Services

Litecoin (LTC) continues to grow in popularity as many businesses have adopted the coin as a means of payment for transactions.  The coin appears to have gained traction in the home décor sector.

Luxury curtain provider Lushes Curtains on Friday revealed that LTC is now accepted as a means of payment on its platform. Lushes Curtains is one of the top curtains manufacturers in the USA and provides affordable luxury curtains for customers.

The California based company have shown their interest in cryptocurrencies in the past accepting Bitcoin payments as far back as 2015. Litecoin would be the second crypto that would be accepted as a means of payment on Lushes Curtains.

This recent listing by Lushes Curtains marks a period of adoption for LTC with the coin already being used on an experimental paper trading by brokerage firm TD Ameritrade.  According to reports the LTC and BTC are being considered by TD Ameritrade as the major coins as the financial firm mulls the addition of crypto trading to its platform.

Litecoin was also recently added to the list of coins supported by  this listing would enable users to store or trade the coin on its Exodus Wallet. Exodus Wallet is one of the oldest crypto wallets and it is considered as one of the safest wallets with multi-security algorithm features.

These developments are good for Litecoin as the coin would be exposed to potential investors in these platforms.

Litecoin (LTC) Price

The fifth-ranked coin in terms of market cap traded green today as the crypto market rebounded in the last 24 hours. The coin gained 5.62% to the dollar with its current price at $93.10 for a unit of LTC.

Litecoin experiences a trading volume of $4.2million during this period and has a market cap of $5.6billion. the coin has increased steadily in recent weeks with an increase of more than 25% in the past two months.With the current upward trend taking into account, LTC could end the Q2 in the $11o mark.

Litecoin still remains one of the front runners in terms of popularity within the crypto space and more partnerships and listings are expected in the coming weeks.

Adeniyi is a known sport and crypto analyst. He is now a writer, editor at Today's Gazette. The erudite journalist has over 5 years experience in the blockchain industry, coordinating communications among journalists for a cryptocurrency a growing cryptocurrency platform owned by Bright Sport Magazine before becoming a full time crypto analyst at Today's Gazette. Contact:

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