Litecoin (LTC) Joins TokenPay (TPay), Verge (XVG) Crypto Friendship

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Litecoin (LTC) Joins TokenPay (TPay), Verge (XVG) Crypto Friendship

TokenPay (TPay), Verge (XVG), Litecoin (LTC) –In the cryptocurrency world, it is not always common to see lovers of two coin befriending each other the way Verge and tokenPay started, now the relationship is now beyond the two, Litecoin has joined in the crypto relationship.

When Verge needed to seal a partnership with PornHub, the crypto coin needed a huge amount to invest in advertisement and seal more deals to create a better ecosystem. TokenPay donated massively in that course resulting in the much celebrated partnership.

Afterward, TokenPay and Verge begin to do things in common, sealing deals together and pushing for more listings at the same time.

Australia’s foremost bamboo sunglasses & bamboo watches brand, Bamb-U, declared sometimes back that it has started accepting Verge and TokenPay, putting 50% discount on purchase made using any of the two coins.

These appear not to be all, when the TokenPay supported Verge during its first meetup organized in a Ship in Amsterdam.


The friendship continues to bring more and more benefits.

Litecoin Joins Verge and TokenPay In Crypto Friendship.

When Verge sealed PornHub partnership, Litecoin Founder Charlie Lee was the first prominent crypto expert to wage war of word on the deal, summing up that the partnership was money induced.

Shortly after, Derek Capo of TokenPay condemned the critic, saying he failed to support Verge in sealing the deal.

The conversation went on until Derek and Charlie became friend resulting in TokenPay transferring 9.9% stake it purchased in Germany-based WEG Bank to Litecoin Foundation.

The partnership, in one way or the other, is going to help Verge and Effin Token achieve necessary crypto-banking ideas, it will also favour Litecoin by helping it achieve crypto debit card and give the Litecoin foundation the opportunity to open bank account and at the same time solving problems faced by crypto-related firms.

Although, the partnership did not just sprout out, it was signaled on the day Verge and PornHub partnered.

Now, there is reward from Charlie Lee’s criticism of Verge, and that is the 9.9% stake TokenPay transferred to Litecoin Foundation, without the foundation paying a dime.

Since a three man force is likely going to be stronger than a man’s, the friendship, as long as it continues, will bring more benefits each of the coins.

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  1. Yes, i trust CHarlie could help Verge and TokenPay secure listing on Coinbase. He has ways of doing this. No doubt, Verge and TPAY are going to be listed on the platform soon, but with time. Seems coinbase receives money for this listing of a thing. They are centralised and not following Blockchain decentralisation protocol, at all.


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