Latest Rating Places Qtum (QTUM) Founder Ahead Of Ethereum, Zilliqa, And Paypal

Qtum Founder Ranked Ahead Of Ethereum, Zilliqa, Paypal

Founder of the technology designed with the aim of linking the real world with blockchain world has been announced among the top 50 influencers in Singapore in the financial and technology industry, placing the tech enthusiasts ahead of bigwigs in the industry.

LATTICE80, an International Fintech software company headquartered in London, pronounced the ranking in a release.


While the likes of Ray Li (founder of Huobi Global), Suramya Gupta (Fund Manager of SBI Holdings in Asia), Vitalik Buterin (founder of Ethereum), Xinshu Dong (CEO for Zilliqa), and YY Lai (PayPal lead startup) among others were featured, Patrick Dai (founder of QTum) was ranked ahead of them.

Other tech influencers that were listed in the ranking includes Joe Seunghyun Cho (CEO for LATTICE 80), Ned Phillips (founder of Bambu) and many other.

Singapore, A Conducive Host For Fintech And Blockchain

While Singapore poses to be a leading fintech and innovation haven in the Asian enclave and around the globe, the country has been a conducive environment for blockchain innovations, making it possible for the all-in-one technology and its developer to thrive in the region.

Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) which is a well-recognized body in the country is part of the organizations supporting fintech and blockchain innovation with regulation.

MAS is known for organizing colossal FinTech festival that is among the best in the world.

The event hosts about 5000 companies, with more than 30,000 representatives from about 109 countries, with massive investments.

This year, between 12th to 16th November, MAS will host another Singapore FinTech Festival, which will concentrate on ASEAN FinTechs and Artificial Intelligence.

According to the news, the southeast Asian country is enriched with international and local startups of about 411 in number as per FintechDB™.

Asia, lately experienced tremendous growth in the Fintech industry, making Singapore one of the best places in the world to unveil ICO campaigns.


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