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Keiser, Who Started Holding Bitcoin at $1 in 2011, Sees BTC Going To $100,000


Keiser, Who Started Holding Bitcoin at $1 in 2011, Sees BTC Going To $100,000

The FOMO is back and the cryptocurrency world is now full of optimists who sees Bitcoin going higher each day. Another optimist crypto lover is Max Keiser. The crypto enthusiast went into Bitcoin as early as 2011 when BTC was traded $1.

The early crypto adopter did not think of selling BTC when it reached its all-time high in 2017, saying on Kitco News that he’s not selling BTC any time soon because he believes the digital asset will reach $100,000.

Despite love for Bitcoin, his affection for Gold and Silver is not affected. He has tonnes of Gold, Silver, and an enormous amount of BTC, however, he sees BTC going beyond $100,000/coin.

He said: “I haven’t sold any bitcoin because my price target is $100,000 and beyond”.

Max Keiser said the volatility of BTC was a result of transition from store of value to medium of exchange, to unit of account. He averred that once Bitcoin gets to $100,000. Volatility would have vanished.

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It will take Bitcoin time to get to where Gold is today, he said, pointing that the growing competitive market is also a big challenge for Gold.

With institutions like Fidelity, Microsoft, Keiser is confident the price of Bitcoin will go higher soon, as to the time, the crypto investor was unable to say.


Bitcoin in the Market

The surprising return of Bitcoin above $8100 did came as a wonder. As pessimists are quick to saying Bitcoin is just a whole bullshit, it is astonishing to see some of them giving in to the digital asset after discovering it has a promising future.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin is trading at $7,926, after losing around 2.4% in the last 24 hours. BTC dominance has also reduced to 58% as against its 59% of yesterday. After reaching a high dominance above 60% yesterday, the present decline has been reckoned as the first time Bitcoin dominance dropped by more than 2% in 24 hours.

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Today alone, BTC has a market volume of $28 billion with its market cap dropping to $140 billion. However, it seems altcoins season is here, as Ethereum maintains $226 value and XRP is now around 4 cent.

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