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Justin Sun: By The End of This Year, TRON (TRX) Will Have 10 To 15 Millions Transactions Per Day

Justin Sun TRON TRX


Justin Sun: By The End of This Year, TRON (TRX) Will Have 10 To 15 Millions Transactions Per Day

  • 10 to 15 million daily transactions on the way for Tron (TRX).
  • Finally, Justin Sun reacts to Tron (TRX)’s lack of dentralization Saga from former CTO
  • BitTorrent to support Bitcoin and Ethereum in the future.

Justin Sun has grown Tron (TRX) into a billion-dollar blockchain in less than two years. He also launched its mainnet, and acquired Bittorrent – all during the bear market.

On Wednesday during the Consensus Conference that’s happening in New York he joined CoinDesk’s Pete Rizzo in a conversation about spending Tron’s millions, marketing the protocol, and the BitTorrent deal.

Justin Sun Again Responds to Tron (TRX) White Paper Plagiarism

Rizzo first asked him about plagiarism accusations but Sun just laughed saying that the alleged plagiarism in the Tron Foundation white paper was due to a translation issue. Just to remind you, a whitepaper published by decentralized content distribution platform TRON was in January this year, accused to had been plagiarizing at least two whitepapers written by Protocol Labs, the creator of both IPFS and Filecoin.

10 to 15 Million Daily Transaction on the Way for Tron (TRX)

However, now it seems hard that this accusation had any real base. Sun says that the company  is getting around 3 million transactions a day.

“I think at the end of this year it’s going to be around 10 to 15 million.”

Finally, Justin Sun Reacts to Tron (TRX)’s Lack of Dentralization Saga

Yesterday, there were talks about Tron not being centralized anymore. Moreover, its former CTO, Lucien Chen, has made a worrying remark regarding the TRON network, saying that “it is no longer decentralized.”

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Sun answered that, since the TRON Foundation was founded, it has upheld its original faith of decentralizing the internet, working hard to change the world with technology.

For example, EOS network is not completely decentralized because it has 21 validators or ‘Witnesses’ who verify the transactions. These witnesses are paid for voting and hence securing the network. Asked to explain his definition of “decentralization,” Sun said that decentralization means being able to validate nodes without permission. He described Tron’s mechanism as similar to representative democracy: as long as people are represented by their senators, “it’s fine.”

He said:

“Decentralization means without any permission”; 21 validators don’t need permission.

Sun also announced the launch of a BTT wallet and token on uTorrent and BitTorrent by Q2, which has over 1 million active users around the world. Sun seemed pretty confident in the utility token BTT and added:

“We already run by the test, like a lab test. It gave a dramatic improvement of the network.”

Sun confirmed that its users, who keep providing content, will have a reward in Tron (TRX) to stimulate file-sharing.

“Previously, the process of sharing content via torrent protocol was completely free and a seeder had no real motivation to keep a file available for others to download.

Before, the main problem of Bitorrent was that people stopped seeding the files after downloading. We want to encourage people to leave their computers open and seeding files or actively contributing.”

BitTorrent To Support Bitcoin and Ethereum in the Future.

He also added that BitTorrent will support Bitcoin and Ethereum in the future.

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He also announced that they will release Tron’s layer 2 solution or of Sun Network, in order to provide the blockchain with 100-percent scalability. Tron took the leadership in dApp production from Ethereum and EOS, and now, it is going further.

Norway’s Opera browser announced the support for the TRON blockchain, Sun added that they:

“have 400 dapps on blockchain now, by end of year we’ll have 2,000. Users can always see their data and value of everything on their accounts.”

Asked what would happen if a regulator knocks on his door and tells him to take down a dapp? Would he do it?

Sun explained:

“ I would work with the people building the community and also let the regulator know that there are parts of the network we can’t control.”

Rizzo also wanted to know would Sun stay in crypto if Tron fails?

Sun ended:

“Crypto is my lifetime career. It completely changed my life. Before that I wanted to be a lawyer.I think we’ll succeed in the industry.”

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