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June 30: A Remarkable Day for Tron In Stepping Up with 4 Developments

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June 30: A Remarkable Day for Tron In Stepping Up with 4 Developments

Tron (TRX) is set to be more complete than it is at the moment. After series of remarkable developments unveiled by Tron Foundation to pave way for its blockchain network in achieving success, the team is promising another set of features that will enhance the maturation of the project as well as clear all vaults ahead.

On June 30, four striking developments on Tron’s roadmap would have been completely released, thus taking the project to another higher stage of its life, as well as making it a more bewitching project in the space.

The second quarter of the year 2019 will be ending in 38 days time, and Tron blockhain technology has announced that before strolling into the next quarter, big changes would have been initiated on its network in order to fill the void created by a number of trailblazers in the industry.

With zkSNARKs, BT Live, BitTorrent Speed, and Sun Network (DAppchain) listed on the roadmap to be completely out for use by the beginning of the third quarter, Tron is sure of adding another feather to its cap.

What Tron (TRX) Will Benefit For Zksnarks Integration

An important edge cryptocurrency has over other currencies is decentralization and privacy. However, a cryptographic project without privacy feature falls short of the prerequisite of becoming a standard cryptocurrency.

zk-SNARKs is a privacy feature and it will soon be integrated on the Tron mainnet to facilitate obscured transactions. It uses zero-knowledge proof to hide information about transactions.

“zk-SNARKs are extremely important because they provide a new way for everyone to start using Tron with privacy protection. This is critical to lots of the crypto adopters in the industry,” justin Sun said.

Unveiled Bittorrent (BTT) Speed is a Tip of the Iceberg

BitTorrent, a file sharing protocol the Tron Foundation acquired after the release of the Tron mainnet has really displayed its potential as a game changer for the network.

The BitTorrent speed has gone live and its testnet on Tron network reveals that it is performing excellently with improved functionality.

Given the fact that BitTorrent serves over 100 million users, the file sharing protocol can be regarded as the largest blockchain app in the world. It is an essential element in connecting users.

To add more, founder Justin sun proclaimed that more great plans are on the way for BitTorrent.

Sun Network Tergetted at Improving TRX , Testnet Set for Launch

The SunNetwork which awaits testnet launch is such a mouthwatering feature for Tron community. It is envisioned to improve Tron with 100x enhanced scalability

With the aim of creating a more hospitable environment for developers to deploy dApps, the SUNNetwrok also known as layer 2 solution is fortified with “sidechains, cross-chain infrastructures and some other expansion projects.”

The testnet of the new feature, according to Misha Lederman, will be coming up on May 30, while the mainnet will be available before the third quarter.

BT Live

The BT Live feature which has been released is yet another development for Tron (TRX) blockchain network. It is designed to enhance the productivity of the project as well as give users better experience.

Justin Sun, after the demo launch of the feature confirmed that it is such an amazing feature.

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