Is NEM (XEM) The Cryptocurrency For Africans?

Nem In Africa

The Tempo at which NEM (XEM) is coasting the in and out of Africa is surprising. Being the only coin at the moment sensitizing Africans on the importance of cryptocurrency, NEM has organized some programs to drive along those who may fall short of one or more piece information about crypto.

In Kenya, the founder of Capitally Blockchain and Solo Energy’s senior Developer, George Mosomi, and founder at Two4one App, Stanley Njenga, are the brains behind the ongoing massive adoption of NEM in Africa.

The two, are training developers to add NEM to their DApps. The two founders have been organising events and collaborating in hackathons with blockchain lovers under the umbrella of NEM Kenya.

Two4one App and NEM are helping in training developers while at the same time implementing blockchain in Africa.

The firm is regarded racing to be a substantial African NEM blockchain project decisively assisting African businesses and firms in achieving blockchain ideas in the continent. Two4one App Ltd aims to spearhead blockchain adoption in Africa.

The App firm aims to partner with Appsolutely, while at the same time incorporating a Loyalwallet on Two4one App, a free app on App and Google play store.

Interestingly, The NEM program in the continent is centered on blockchain community and developers circle. To our surprise, rumour has it that some parts of Africa are already drifting towards NEM, and will in no time be adding NEM gateways to their applications for secure payments.

With the pace at which NEM is moving in Africa, there is tendency the cryptocurrency becomes the most trusted digital coins since Africa is just waking up to cryptocurrency adoption.

NEM is moving to create landmark achievement in the world of cryptocurrency. The platform is coasting different parts of the world, and partnering with big firms.

Recently, NEM announced it is depositing a huge among on blockchain adoption in Malaysia. There is hope that aside Africa, the cryptocurrency will push for mass acceptance in other continents, without jettisoning a part for another.


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