IOTA’s (MIOTA) Mosquito Project: What You Need To Know


Following WHO/CDC/ECDC’s recommendation of better surveillance systems in a bid to curb the alarming increase in mortality due to the onslaught of mosquitoes in over 128 countries globally, IOTA (MIOTA) emerges a light at the end of this dark tunnel.

Transcending the limitedness of the blockchain technology and embracing the broad based and upgraded opportunities offered by DAG (Directed Acyclic Graphs), IOTA embarks on the noble cause of saving humanity through the introduction of a mosquito project on based on IOTA tangle.

How IOTA fits in   

IOTA based Mosquito Project would employ ultramodern laser technology to detect the severalties of mosquitoes that wants to be present in a given area.

That done, the government, medical practitioners, NGOs and concerned sects can be informed of the presence of a species of mosquito and be armed with the knowledge of the potential threats such mosquitoes pose with their presence, through the IOTA data sharing protocol.

Through this medium, the concerned sects can receive information on any impending mosquito menace and thus be forearmed with strategies to combat that specie of mosquito. Making provision for enough medicine and monitoring the amount of pesticides sprayed to keep environmental damage minimal would then be a result of this access to knowledge.

IOTA’s custom data marketplace would keep the government and the concerned bodies ahead of the game and by so doing, help them avoid losses that would have been incurred had Malaria, Zika, Dengue or other mosquito related diseases stolen upon them and spread like wide fire.

What IOTA Mosquito Project Holds for the Future

When disease outbreaks are predicted, effective prevention strategies are fostered and this is what the project seeks to achieve through secure and transparent sharing of data without political, cultural, or commercial influences.

Stakeholders in the IOTA mosquito project include vector control agencies, public health departments, commercial campuses, pest management companies, agricultural departments, residential customers, commercial farmers hospitality industries, research agencies, and NGOs such as the Bill and Melinda Foundation,

IOTA: The New Way Out

The network was founded by a team of developers who anticipated a future where speed and efficiency in the crypto space would no longer be a poser. The founding members are David Sostenbo, Dominik Scheiner, Serguei Popov, and Sergey Ivancheglo. IOTA, this new thing that has happened to technology, is one of a kind because of its ability to function as a lightweight distributed ledger with quantum resistance, scalability and decentralization for all Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

With its advent to into the cryptospace in 2014, a revolutionary item tagged alongside this distributed ledger that is beginning to serve as the backbone of IoTs. That revolutionary item is called the Tangle.

Tangle is the technology that runs behind IOTA. It is however not the blockchain technology that the cryptoworld is riddled with. Tangle is a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph).

IOTA Wields Tangible Influence within So Short a Time

IOTA is gaining widespread recognition in the cryptospace as a result of a number of advantages it enjoys over the other cryptos that operate on blockchain. The first of these advantages is the fact that it has no mining blocks and no difficulty.

It incurs no transaction fees, scales almost infinitely, and is not solely currency based but works as an interoperability protocol that resolves IoT problems.

IOTA already happens to be in the good graces of Innovation-presses such as Forbes, Techcruch, Huffington Post, and International Business Times.

What IOTA (MIOTA) Solves

At this rate, IOTA would be solving three of the problems posed by the use of the blockchain network. These problems include scalability, network speeds, and transaction fees.

As reported by the development team at IOTA, their network is lighter and faster than Bitcoin’s blockchain network.


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