IOTA (MIOTA) Lures Technologist Who Launched First Blackberry Service Outside US With O2 Into Team

Iota Miota New Staff

The yen for growth through technological advancement is always at the forefront for the blockchain technology that holds Internet of Things (IoT) with great esteem, IOTA (MIOTA).

Unlike other blockchain projects, IOTA often shove new personnel with outstanding experience into its team. This time, amongst the 13 persons introduced into the team since the begging of last month, the latest person seems to be a big fish for IOTA as the technologist was marked to have launched the first Blackberry service outside US with O2.

This was revealed in a statement by the founder of IOTA, David Sønstebø on his medium page.

Revealing other accolades which Mark Nixon, who joined IOTA as the head of Smart City Program had bagged, the new staff started his carrier in telecommunications 30 years back with the Brit. army “Royal Corps of Signals” as a Systems Engineer, and he also led the release of the first Windows mobile data solution with the O2 XDA.

Joining IOTA, Mark Nixon claimed he is filled with so much excitements. He said while heading the Smart City Program at IOTA, he looks forward to achieving more great works at the company.

He added that IOTA Foundation is a great premise for the creation of real world solution with DLT, and with IOTA Tangle and R&D teams more of permissionless developments can be achieved.

Other Key Position Held By Mark Nixon In The Past.

Apart from the earlier stated achievements, Mark Nixon was placed as the head of platform solutions business at O2, held top senior commercial and operational roles at 3com, Nokia, and Verizon.

He last worked at Huawei, leading the company’s Business Consulting Practice that is based in Europe, before joining IOTA.

At Huawei, Mark Nixon was accountable for the initiation of first-hand innovative engagements with the TMT sector.

Not to bit around the bush, Mark Nixon is a forest well inundated with top-notch experiences in the technology world.

With the aggregated tributes, Mark could be described as not just a big fish in IOTA’s small pond but would be a mover and shaker for the company in no time.


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