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International Software Firm, MyTeamConnector, Integrates DigiByte’s Digi-ID

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International Software Firm, MyTeamConnector, Integrates DigiByte’s Digi-ID

International Software company, MyTeamConnector, has announced the implementation of DigiByte’s Digi-ID encryption technology to safeguard the security date of its clients across the globe.

According to MyTeamConnector, the cryptographic security feature innovated by DigiByte heightens the integrity and safety of firms operating with MyTeamConnector Software Solutions.

The Software firm, which has multinational Companies with offices across the globe has its clients, says data security of its clients are sacrosanct.

With its client having millions in monthly operational revenues, there is no doubt that their data integrity and security is of importance. The firm says it has now enabled the same uncrackable encryption technology that keeps DigiByte and Bitcoin Safe.

The innovation can be used without necessarily deploying and distributing passwords. This reduces vulnerability by guard against password theft.

“By adding and implementing Digi-ID, MyTeamConnector Software does away with all of this, resulting in an exponentially more secure authentication system,” the Software firm said in an update.

“After having deployed a Blockchain Validation System in Germany, MyTeamConnector Software is now on track of having deployed a second Blockchain related feature to further enhance safety, integrity, authentication and security within the Blockchain space.”

Digi-ID is being deployed by different firms who take security of data important. Data breach is the order of the day in our society. Different firms have lost whopping sum of money to hackers owing to the kind of security tech they deployed. With Digi-ID, security experts are saying data secured through the technology are saver and out of reach of hackers.

Digi-ID is an open source project on the DigiByte blockchain safeguarding against cyber threat. The technology does not use 2FA, password or SMS before it permit users access to apps with Digi-ID preinstalled.

Digibyte (DGB) Intraday Price Analysis

The abrupt spike witnessed in the market came unexpected as a number of reputable analysts in the market doubted the possibility of Bitcoin crossing the $8,400 psychological resistance point. Nevertheless, Bitcoin, led the way to success, pulling a number of altcoins along, and this made the market beautiful.

Digibyte (DGB), among the benefactor of Bitcoin’s upward rally, spiked from a previous value of $0,0152 to $0.161 within 24 hours with an added value of 4.19% against the US Dollar.

Digibyte (DGB) leveraged the market situation to spring up, testing the $0,0172 before holding onto a retracement that made it value remain at $0.161 as at press time.

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According CoinMarketCap, Digibyte possesses a market cap slightly above $190 million which made it sit comfortable as the 46th largest crypto coin. The cryptocurrency focused on crybersecurity for digital payment has a total supply of 11,842,352,320 DGB in the market, with 24 hours volume of $5,038,053.

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