HummingPay POS Unveils Tron (TRX) Payment Web App

HummingPay POS Unveils Tron (TRX) Payment Web App

HummingPay POS has unveiled a web App for payment with Tron (TRX) and now testing its state of the art POS with the web app.

In an announcement, HummingPay POS reflect that the newly unveiled web app is a sign that the platform has not just fixed the present, but completely change the future.

Users of Tron (TRX) can now use the cryptocurrency as a means of payment in their stores by just entering their TRX wallet into HummingPay web app and generating a QR code which can be pasted on walls in their stores.

The development is no doubt the beginning of mass adoption in the cryptocurrency space. With HummingPay POS which will soon flood the world, lovers of crypto can be rest assured of seamless payment with TRX digital currency.

Not long, Team Tronics, TRON’s largest community SR, announced a strategic partnership with HummingPay, a platform touted as the universal “Mark” for trusted payments of digital asset.

The partnership is celebrated as one with the potential of increasing the network of the Cryptocurrency, and heighten the adoption of Tron (TRX) especially.

A Brief About HummingPay POS

With HummingPay POS, business can leverage the decentralized blockchain payment network for easing the hurdles witnessed during crypto payment in businesses and stores with its outstanding innovative integration services.

HummanPay gives crypto lovers the advantage to get fast, secure and frictionless mode of transferring and accepting cryptocurrency across the globe.


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