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How XRP Tip Bots, ReddCoin (RDD) Killed Reddit Coins

Reddit Coins


How XRP Tip Bots, ReddCoin (RDD) Killed Reddit Coins

Many redditors do not know that Reddit has its coins. The social platform has virtual coins that people can use to award exemplary posts or comments and/or encourage favourite contributors on the platform. However, the advent of XRP Tip Bots and ReddCoin (RDD) killed the idea.

Unlike other cryptocurrency tipping that goes to the wallet of the person that is being tipped, Reddit Coin are bought from Reddit and designated as coins but cannot be spent on any other platform beyond where it is issued.

A Look Into Reddit Coin

Reddit Coins evolved from Creddits. Redditors buy coins on Reddit platform, and spend it on awarding perceived finest Reddit contributions. When post or comment is awarded a certain amount of coins, people are able to see it under the posts, while some people grant honoree special bonuses as well.

When a silver award is shown on a post or comment, it means the person is tipped 100 Coins.

Also, when a recipient is given a Gold award, the awardee receives a week of Reddit Premium, 100 coins and a gold award is shown on the post or comment. However, 500 Coins is needed to achieve that.

In the same line, any redditor given a Platinum Award receives a month of Reddit Premium, 700 Coins for the month, and a Platinum Award is shown on the comment or post. 1800 Coins is required to achieve this.

Redditors buy coins directly from Reddit, and 500 Coins costs $5.99. What this means is that, to give someone a Gold Award, redditor needs to pay $5.99.

XRP Tip Bot Does It Better

XRP Tip Bot, a bot that makes it easy for Discord, Twitter, and Reddit users to send Ripple’s XRP to each other via their reddit comments or tweets.

Unlike Reddit Coin that is bought from Reddit with the fund going to Reddit account, XRP Tip Bot sends tipping to the wallet of the receiver without the platform charging anything from the amount tipped.

Once there is XRP in your tipping account, you can easily start tipping finest contributions without any stress.

ReddCoin (RDD): The Future Of Social Tipping

ReddCoin (RDD) is regarded as the future of social media tipping for the fact that the platform links all supported social platforms with a single Identification means called ReddID.

With ReddID, users can easily tip people on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter among other platforms without any hassle. ReddCoin solves many known problems from social tipping and the idea is performing excellently in that Realm today.

The advent of XRP Tip Bot and ReddCoin is killing Reddit Coin or Creddits.

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