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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

How Can Electroneum (ETN) Surpass Expectations In 2019?

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How Can Electroneum (ETN) Surpass Expectations In 2019?

Electroneum (ETN) has been an enigma of a coin and has been described as an enablement crypto with its aims and specificity in the platform. Since its launch in 2017, Electroneum has come through leaps and bounds sitting with the top 50 coins on the table in terms of market capitalization.

2018 has been a tough year for Cryptos with increasing regulations and reduced value after the boom of 2017.  Electroneum has managed to emerge from this with its reputation intact.

Founded by Richard Elis who is a well-known player in the finance space, Electroneum (ETN) has released several projects plans to meet its target of reaching out to mobile users.


The fourth quarter of the year is about to wind down and we are looking at specific areas where Electroneum can look to surpass rising expectations for the upcoming year.

Implementation Of Electroneum (ETN) Instant Payment System

Electroneum released a Beta of its Instant Payment System which allows payments between mobile phones to be approved without the delay of traditional blockchain confirmations.

This according to the blockchain company was integrated alongside its Vendor API system which is a good innovation from Electroneum as this improves transaction process

The Vendor API system has been updated to include instant message prompts on payments. Also, the update ensures that as payment is made, the vendor accepting ETN would know instantly.

The integrated payment system resolves the problem associated with traditional credit cards whereby the vendor has delays before receiving payments. This helps to prevent double spending from the customer.

Furthermore, the API gives users the option of making users email address known to the vendor which is useful as the vendor gets to reach out to the user, should any problem arise. This is optional and up to users discretion.

Electroneum KYC Compliance Offers Possibilities

Electroneum has also attained KYC compliance, and 2019 would be a gauging period to ascertain the possibilities this certification can add to the coin. According to Electroneum there was massive consultation from the corporate world getting the certification.

The token should experience a wave of partnerships in the coming year as the KYC features would allow the coin to gain credibility in the crypto and mainstream world.

Since KYC compliance looks like the way the crypto space would be in the next few years it is refreshing that Electroneum has taken this step.

ETN would also benefit as becoming KYC compliance, giving investors that assurance against crypto being used for money laundering and financial crimes. This also makes it easier for businesses to integrate into Electroneum (ETN) payment platforms.

While Electroneum would take a step further towards actualizing its goals for its core market demographics which are smartphone users, with over 1 billion smartphone users around the world, the future looks promising for Electroneum.

More Listings Electroneum (ETN) In 2019

Electroneum would also have to make more grounds on its rivals in 2019 when it comes to listings on exchanges.

One of the factors that attract investors to a particular cryptocurrency is the number of exchanges that support trading in the currency.

Electroneum is currently not listed on big exchanges such as Bittrex and Binance, these are issues that have to be resolved in 2019.

Being listed on this top exchanges typically increases the credibility score of the coin and gives the coin that aura of stability as witnessed with Binance and Digibyte recent spat.

Hitting The $1 Mark

Electroneum would surpass expectations if it’s able to hit the $1 mark at some point in 2019.  There have been  financial analysis from independent crypto analysts on the coin.

Electroneum’s price shows no signs that the coin can reach a dollar in price in 2018.ETN is currently trading at  $0.019405 for 1ETN and many hodlers are of the opinion that with the right moves, the coin can increase in value.

it is anticipated that an increase to $0.4 could be possible next year with the blockchain set to implement some of its products.


Electroneum (ETN) has all it takes to surpass expectations in 2019, although some see it as a smartphone coin, Richard Elis and his team have proven to be effective in managing the fortunes of the token. So it is not far-fetched to suggest that new records await next year for Electroneum.

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