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Extension Introducing Trustworthiness Into Ripple’s XRP Transactions Launches

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Ripple XRP News

Extension Introducing Trustworthiness Into Ripple’s XRP Transactions Launches

  • Google Chrome extension boosting XRP transactions trustworthiness
  • The new extension is first of its kinds among all other cryptocurrencies

Ripple’s XRP user-base is arguably the most active in the sphere of cryptocurrency. The passion exhibited by its community has initiated a host of outstanding developments that maintain the progress of its ecosystem.

The utilities embedded in Ripple’s XRP have aided its global exposure, bringing a lot of financial institutions and notable organisations to its services.

Google Chrome Adds WalletTrust to Enhance Ripple XRP Trustworthiness

Google, a household name in the world of technology, and its globally used internet browser called Chrome, has recently added an extension, WalletTrust, purposely to enhance trustworthiness of Ripple’s XRP transactions on the popular browser.

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The notification was passed across by a twitter user and developer identified as SchlaubiDev‏. According to his tweet, the extension additionally tests for Google Chrome extensions’ monetisation.

Schlaubi shared thus:

“You can now install WalletTrust Chrome extension to display trustworthiness of a selected XRP address directly on a website. Still waiting for chrome’s check just because updated text and images…If you are maybe seeing coil payments on every page, keep calm it’s expected. The extension also implements a test for monetizing chrome extensions.”

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Google Chrome Adds WalletTrust for Ripple’s XRP Transactions Trustworthiness. First of Its Kinds

This Google Chrome’s extension is quite the first of its kinds. Actually, there are other tools for assuring trustworthiness for other digital currencies, but this specially designed add-on for Ripple’s XRP stands out.

XRP ledger transaction speed has exposed micro-payments to a large number of XRP enthusiasts. Micro-payments became vastly known after XRP TipBot was invented by Wietse Wind. It is now made functional on world’s most popular social media, such as Reddit, Twitter and others.

The developer of this recent extension had earlier invented an add-on that made it possible for XRP investors and traders to order transactions through emails like Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.

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This is seen as a great development for Ripple’s XRP, seizing opportunity to serve its major purpose on a vastly used internet browser. The new extension is expected to initiate fraud-free and sure security of transactions while using XRP wallet on the browser.

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Ripple’s XRP Situation in the Cryptocurrency Market

Ripple XRP is trading around $0.38, the digital asset was closing in on breaking $0.4 resistance, the price it was able to attain and better sometimes last week.

XRP community members and enthusiasts are hesitant of constant growth of their choice digital currency, both in price and mass adoption. So, information like this are expected to build trust around Ripple and its coin, XRP.

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