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Some Feature of these Crypto Coins: IOTA (MIOTA), Ripple’s XRP and Tron (TRX)

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Some Feature of these Crypto Coins: IOTA (MIOTA), Ripple’s XRP and Tron (TRX)

It is important to find futuristic coins to place bets on. In the global community of cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts, the IOTA (MIOTA), Ripple (XRP), and Tron (TRX) crypto coins are the top performers. The trio has been able to weather the bearish trends.

Cryptocurrencies are carving a niche in the global financial ecosystem. After the massive dominance of the bears in 2018, investors are careful on the next asset to invest in. Though the bull is making a return, more bounces need to come up for a new uptrend. Here are three top coins that are worth investing.

Digital CarPass looks good for IOTA (MIOTA)

In the quest to reposition Internet of Things (IoT), IOTA (MIOTA) uses the tangle technology to disrupt the traditional practice. The recent collaboration with Volkswagen will be coming to limelight in the first quarter of 2019. Digital CarPass, the brainchild of the collaboration, is launching in Q1 of 2019 with the goal of tracking information in Volkswagen automobiles.

The automaker is also looking at more collaboration with IOTA that will bring the powers of the blockchain technology to bear on its outputs. Digital CarPass lets companies get real-time details (such as repairs) on Volkswagen vehicles. IOTA (MIOTA) is ready to go into partnership with Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) in harnessing the advantages of DLT in the automobile industry.

Ripple’s XRP is Locking down Cross-Border Remittance

Ripple’s blockchain and the native asset, XRP are in control of cross-border remittance. The services do not look set to go out of style. As the days go by, the coin is gaining new grounds in the crypto-sphere. With massive collaborations in the kitty and extensive use cases, there is no doubt that XRP is a major player in the crypto community. As the coin gears forges towards the first spot by cryptocurrency market cap, the alias as Bitcoin 2.0 can become a reality.

The Internet is taking new shapes with Tron (TRX)

The Tron Foundation’s commitment to decentralizing the cyberspace is getting accolades from different segments of the discerning public. The acquisition of BitTorrent is one of the major steps to accentuate its foothold in the decentralized community.

Global Acceptance is an Icing on the Cake

In spite of the fact that these coins (IOTA, XRP and TRX) are not anywhere close to Bitcoin’s (BTC) strides, their working features can take them far in the crypto-sphere.

With Ripple’s (XRP) position in the 2nd spot, Tron’s place in the number 9 spot and IOTA bringing up the rear on the 13th spot, there leaves no doubt that the future holds a lot for them. The global acceptance and use cases of these coins will in few months spark off a bullish race.

Adeniyi is a known sport and crypto analyst. He is now a writer, editor at Today's Gazette. The erudite journalist has over 5 years experience in the blockchain industry, coordinating communications among journalists for a cryptocurrency a growing cryptocurrency platform owned by Bright Sport Magazine before becoming a full time crypto analyst at Today's Gazette. Contact:

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