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From Grass to Grace: The Exciting Story of Verge

Verge (XVG) Launches 5.0 Codebase Alpha To Strengthening Nakamoto's Vision


From Grass to Grace: The Exciting Story of Verge

The sun has set on Vergecurrency (XVG) and the coin is beginning to move into real-world use cases. Before its shot at the limelight, it was barely unknown. However, after viable collaborations with different platforms, the unsung coin is becoming a Goliath in the crypto-sphere.

Verge: From the Trading Table to Use Cases

There is no doubt that the primary sustenance of cryptographic currencies is trading. This was not lost on the Verge coin because it made some marks on the trading table. However, with the inception of the latest trend (partnerships), it seized the opportunity to make it to stardom. Despite currently trading down at the 48th spot, the coin’s impressions in the crypto community will later pay off in future.

Pornhub Brought Verge (XVG) to Limelight

The literally, the unsung giant was withering away and swimming in the sea of red. With the interest taken by Pornhub, the collaboration came to limelight. Before this, the mere rumors of the partnership sent the price up on many exchanges. Soon after the partnership, it became clear that that the coin has some usefulness.

There is no beating about the bush on the necessity in Pornhub. The adult content site has millions of users that want their identity under covers. Traditional payment tools such as PayPal were the means of payment before the Vergecurrency came along. Pornbub’s users demanded not just privacy when viewing contents, but also when making decentralized payments.

With privacy as its core structure, it was pertinent that the XVG coin becomes a payment instrument on the platform. Now, few months after the partnership, there is no denying the fact that Verge (XVG) provides Pornhub users the best of privacies when purchasing premium adult contents.

The Wraith Protocol – Verge’s (XVG) Backbone

Without the backing of the Wraith Protocol, Verge’s (XVG) mission to offer privacy might not make headway. As the coin gets accolades, the protocol should get the same. In addition to the 12P and the Tor networks, users can easily hide their IPs and have their transactions off the public domain.

Verge: A Den of Privacy

The impact the coin made thus far is enough credence to its ability in keeping transactions and users anonymous. As the year progresses, it will certainly take impressive steps that will be positive for its price. XVG is the den of privacy and is here to provide anonymity for cryptocurrency users.

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