First Native Blockchain Phone, Two Other Good News For Litecoin (LTC)

First Native Blockchain Phone, Two Other Good News For Litecoin (LTC)

After several condemnations by Litecoin (LTC) users on the level of Litecoin in the cryptocurrency market, Mr Charlie Lee who once boldly claimed he is working on increasing the value of LTC to $400USD through mass adoption is not relenting on his commendable sojourn.

The cryptocurrency expert has revealed some certain yielding moves of his. This moves will make Litecoin become an important crypto for buying and selling.

First Native Blockchain Phone Produced By HTC Exodus Adopts Litecoin

One very important adoption is the first native blockchain phone produced by HTC Exodus. Mr Charlie Lee, who is happy about the innovation, said he spoke to the team behind the idea, and they said the phone would support LTC and Lightning Network on Litecoin natively.

Aside from Charlie been an advisor of HTC Exodus, the innovation is an excellent start to mass adoption of everything cryptocurrency in our space.


The vision of HTC Exodus is to increase the blockchain ecosystem using the power of a decentralised mobile phone that has decentralised applications and security.

While the company with this idea has over two-decades experience as a manufacturer of mobile phones, it has shipped more than 100 million phones and still hopes to reform internet with its latest technology that has never existed anywhere. One of HTC Exodus’ intention is to increase the user base of DApp when mobile phones that can contain DApps are available in our market.

Recently, HTC Exodus partnered with Crypto Kitties. The partnership will make cryptoKitties games available on Exodus App store.

Skrill Adopts Litecoin, Others

On the 25th of July, Skrill, a respected fintech company known for providing wallet announced it now gives customers the room to trade cryptocurrencies, which includes Litecoin, Etereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, using more than 40 fiat currencies on the Skrill platform.

This is no doubt an unbeatable milestone in the history of cryptocurrency, and fortunately, it involves Litecoin.

eGifter Adopts Litecoin And Campaigns For Litecoin Adoption

In its decision to increase sales, United State-Based firm, eGifter, has adopted Litecoin as one of its primary payment options. eGifter, which is among the most sought-after gift card company on the internet is also campaigning for Litecoin adoption movement, PayWithLitecoin, on its platform.

Image Credit: Bitcoin Magazine.


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