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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

First App On Omisego (OMG) Network Unveiled, Courtesy Hoard

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First App On Omisego (OMG) Network Unveiled, Courtesy Hoard

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Hoard has launched the first app on Omisego (OMG) network. The app, a video game with true ownership, is branded Plasma Dog.

To achieve True ownership with the game, Hoard employed an outstanding and decentralised infrastructure especially on the video game’s backend.

One very quality considered is that the infrastructure make intra transactions possible. It should as well make interoperating assets possible with systems in real life.

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The latest in town, the Plasma Dog, is Hoard’s first live proof-of-concept making use of Plasma MVP. The game shows the strength of the OMG Network.

Hoard makes players have full control of the content of their gaming experience, including their XP and skills, avatars, maps, in-game items, maps, among other things.

Hoard understands that when player has true ownership of the above mentioned items, they have free access to conduct all forms of commerce (trade, rent, share, sell and buy), making it easy for them to for players to be able to move their items from one game to another.

While games like Dharma, CryptoKitties, and some others interact with the real world through True Ownership, Hoard employed the key features of OmiseGO’s Plasma testnet to achieve a game with this properties.

With the partnership seen as a match made in crypto-heaven due to OmiseGO’s decision to Unbank the Banked.

Aside blockchain-based game experiments, all other video game assets are held by a custodian.

With the decision of OMG Network to process traditional financial payment activities, starting with video games is a major field for the blockchain firm.

Like legacy finance, video games needs functionalities like incorporating, collateralising, loaning, renting, selling and buying, in some instances, video games are even more complex than real world games.

In this regard, this field, no doubt is a $100 billion per year industry that can serve as a sandbox for innovation for the larger Ethereum ecosystem.

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