Fintech With 650,000 Users Adds Ripple, 4 Others, Becomes First Crypto Remittance Company

Ripple Xrp

After announcing the addition of five major crypto coins to its platform for trading, a London based firm yesterday became the first crypto remittance company in the world.

The digital remittance firm, which has 650,000 userbase declared the addition of Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) to its app to offer a cryptocurrency trading facility.

Known as TransferGo, the remittance company received a turnout of 4,000 users sign up few hours after the introduction of the cryptocurrencies to its app.

TransferGo noted that the decision to add the coins was initiated in response to the demand of users.

Acknowledging the news the founder and CEO of the company, Daumantas Dvilinskas said the firm is customer oriented and focuses on pleasing users with frictionless remittance services.

Dvilinskas added that the signing up of 4,000 users attest to the company’s ability to quench the thirst of users, and will continue to provide reliable solutions to trading and investment through innovation.

In addition to its polished top class customer service, TransferGo provides customers with information that guide users on buying and selling of assets with seven different languages, which are available on phone.

TransferGo has 100% year over year growth rate, and its guarantees complete transfer of fund within 30 minutes.

Known for its outstanding and reliable service around the world, TransferGo is a partner of RippleNet. Back in October 2017, TransferGo became a member of the Ripple tool through an alliance signed between both companies.

Musing over the latest development, observers opined that the introduction of cryptocurrencies into mainstream payment and remittance services by firms like TransferGo, Wirex, Skrill and others is a welcome idea and an advantage over financial institutions like banks and some others that aloof themselves due to concerns from regulation.


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