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Finally Verge (XVG) Announces New Partnership, Makes Name in another New World

Close To A Year After Pornhub Partnership, Does Verge (XVG) Showcase Any Future Progress?


Finally Verge (XVG) Announces New Partnership, Makes Name in another New World

After a very long period of silence, the world renowned privacy coin oriented cryptocurrency, Verge (XVG), which gives partnership high priority, has just announced a new alliance with a United States based certified company.

According to an update by the Verge team, the secure and anonymous cryptocurrency entered into a partnership deal with CBDGanja, a marijuana oriented company. Both Verge and CBDGanja are now forming a joint venture partnership.

“We are excited to report we’ve entered into a joint venture with @ganjadotcom,” Vergecurrency stated.

Through the deal, users now have access to buying all CBDGanja’s products with XVG coin online.

The marijuana industry is growing exponentially due to call for legalization of cannabis around the world.

CBDGanja, as a firm making use of the Marijuana, offers lovers of ganja new experience with the privacy oriented cryptocurrency that hands them anonymity while purchasing each product.

Per the update pronounced by Vergecurrency, CBDGanja, through the latest alliance, will be offering its customers 20% discount when they pay with XVG.

Verge – CBDGanja Dedicated Website Created

The collaboration also brought about the creation of a fresh website dedicated to buying CBDGanja products with XVG coin.

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Aside the 20% discount introduced, CBDGanja made available premium gifts like Verge-CBGGanja caps and shirts.

The latest deal gives Vergecurrency the opportunity to make name in the cannabis world, and marijuana lovers may show interest in the coin due to the anonymity it offers.

CBGGanja is a US based company which produces cannabis equipped goods that offer treatment for ailments like anxiety & depression, insomnia and inflammation, among others.

CBDGanja claims its products are highly refined, federally compliant and legal in all states of the USA.

Before the introduction of Verge (XVG) coin as payment option, CBDGanja had previously allowed its customers pay with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Monero, ZCash, Litecoin and Ethereum.

XVG Token Goes Live On Paycent App

The partnership between Vergecurreny and Paycent has just produced another advantage for XVG coin by making the token go live on its application.

On August 5, Paycent announced XVG coin has gone live on its application through a mass adoption oriented joint venture deal the two companies signed previously.

The integration, according to Paycent, will allow users spend XVG in stores and online platforms as well as make withdrawals through ATMs globally.

Previously in May 2019, Today’s Gazette published that Verge and Paycent inked a deal that will open XVG coin for use in over 200 countries and 36 million locations across the world.

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