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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Exclusive: IOTA’s (MIOTA) 150 Awesome Projects Set To Bombard Blockchain Industry

Iota S Miota 150 Awesome Projects


Exclusive: IOTA’s (MIOTA) 150 Awesome Projects Set To Bombard Blockchain Industry

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The noise about some cryptocurrencies despite not having presentable use cases is surprising. Reputable blockchain platforms like IOTA (MIOTA) keeps on dishing out numerous use cases without unnecessary noise.

At the moment, IOTA ecosystem has grown beyond what the eyes can see and overlook, with 150 awesome projects developed while some are still witnessing additions, it is easy to posit that no technology can disrupt the Internet of Things arena the way IOTA is doing.

To this end, here are some of the projects embarked upon by IOTA (MIOTA):

IOTAlias / IOTA (MIOTA) Cheque

IOTAlias is a solution to long existing problems encountered by IOTA due to its quantum resistant situation coupled with the fact that it uses Winternitz one time signature scheme.

For those familiar with the GUI Wallet, they might have witnessed a warning notification saying they are attempting to reuse keys.

Although the developers and IF within the community have not relented in finding solutions to this problem.

They have unveiled the Trinity and also the IXI Hub for Exchanges. While this shortcoming for the addresses has been affecting regular payments and since one need to update addresses now and then. This makes the platform hard for human use.

Interestingly, IOTAlias has solved this issue.

IOTAlias protocol allows Tangle to store private, public and unforgeable aliases, which can be used for long-lasting references while performing a transaction or relating between two parties.

IOTA Cheque protocol makes IOTA payments possible with the use of email or aliases for people who are not conversant with IOTA and those without a seed.

A critical aspect of this innovation is that it is completely decentralized, and effort is ongoing to make sure this library is available for common platforms. It will be good for e-commerce payment, and in the long run, outperform Paypal.

Fognet Router

While the internet providers have been fumbling since, Fognet will make use of P2P data, thereby making the amount used in running a network to be shared on all concerned participants.

It works together with laptops and phones as a means of data distribution.

Chiota To Disrupt Messaging World

Chiota is an IOTA Xamarin chat app like the standard messaging app. However, it is an open source messenger that depends on NTRU Encryption to secure messages from third-party intruders.

Other IOTA (MIOTA) Projects is another project that makes IOTA integration possible on e-commerce stores on the internet. Another one is GroundWater IOTA which permits water sharing for farm growth.

Note that IOTA projects are too numerous to be talked about in this article. For more on the projects, check the 150 IOTA projects here.

Image Credit: CoinGape

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