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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Electroneum (ETN): The Unique Mobile Cryptocurrency Jumping All Hurdles

Electroneum (ETN): The Unique Mobile Cryptocurrency Jumping All Hurdles


Electroneum (ETN): The Unique Mobile Cryptocurrency Jumping All Hurdles

Electroneum (ETN) –Is it not nice, perhaps unbelievable, that you can actually earn cryptocurrencies while you sleep, with practically close to zero level of investment?

Few, if any investment can actually offer this to you or to anyone else. One of such rare and unique investment opportunity that offers this, is Electroneum (ETN)

A Holistic Introduction To Electroneum (ETN)

Electroneum (ETN) is a mobile oriented, user friendly cryptocurrency, a unique feature of this crypto is that it can be mined on any android smartphone. Apart from this, Electroneum (ETN), allows for instant settlement of transactions through instant payment systems.

This easy to use crypto was launched in November 2017, by a group of London based developers, led by CEO Richard Ells. The Electroneum app wallet was launched in December 2017, while the mobile miner was launched in March 2018. Finally, in September 2018, the instant payment system was made available.

It was specifically designed with mobile users in mind, especially for mobile users in underdeveloped nations without easy access to banking facilities.

Being the mobile cryptocurrency that it is, Electroneum (ETN) is created, spent, and held electronically. It has no tangible or physical coin. The coin is neither regulated nor controlled by the government, an individual, or a company, due to the fact that it is guarded by the blockchain. Instead, the control and regulation is being done by the collective community.

Transactions are validated and processed by several networks of computers, known as miners. These computers must all agree on every user’s account balance. To prevent the possibility of fraud taking place, mathematical functions are already in place to safeguard every aspect of the process.

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Electroneum (ETN): Value And Mobility Intertwined

Electroneum (ETN), has a lot of prospects for the future, and there are a lot of reasons to believe this. Let us briefly consider some of them.

Most of the countries in the world are keen on seeing crypto coins as payment substitutes to most transactions. This will be largely due to the citizen’s use of narcotics and money laundering.

Amazingly though, Electroneum has shut this space with KYC. KYC infrastructure is being developed and fixed into the system. KYC means- user personal information. This implies that Electroneum can, and will monitor the transactions made by their users. This will ensure that transactions done are legal.

This will actually be accepted by the countries governmental authorities, since it will help its citizens comply with financial authorities. It is possible however, that this measure might be counterproductive since the privacy of users will be, to some extent, compromised.

Another supposed advantage of Electroneum over other forms of crypto is in its potential for working with telecom companies. Not forgetting the fact that Electroneum is in the company with over 100 million users, many telecom companies around the world are interested in partnering with ETN.

It is envisaged that if the Electroneum network can come up with a deal with any of these telecommunication company and actually get a push, Electroneum’s price could soar as high as a dollar.

Lastly, let us consider the processing speed of ETN. Electroneum has an application for instant transactions. Asides from ETN payments, this APP is also for other digital coins. With this Electroneum technology, there is a whole lot of chance for Electroneum to enter the virgin e-commerce market.

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Electroneum (ETN): A Concise Summary Of A Precious Gem

Some of the feature of ETN in a nutshell, is that it is an App based mobile mining crypto that offers instants payment to its users, and during transactions. Also, it is a mobile cryptocurrency that is designed for mass adoption. This is largely due to the fact that in our modern, virtually every human owns a mobile device.

ETN has also signed agreements, and are now partners with global mobile networks, with a new trillion-dollar market.

Every day, a small amount of ETN is put into the hands of users via the mobile miner APP. It is also worthy of note to know that ETN has a faster viral growth than both twitter and Facebook. With an android app that is fully operational in about 20 languages and with over 2 million registered users, ETN it seems, is the next big thing.


In the cryptocurrency market, Electroneum (ETN) is a giant stride. Since it makes it possible for virtually everyone to invest in this virgin form of investment with the least level of stress. This s likely going to be adopted by a lot of people.

Esme has years of experiences in online publishing and business affiliation. She started her career back in 2015 where she joined multiple local news publications focusing on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, Global Warming, Business, and Marketing. Regarding personalities, Esme is the bubbliest. She loves hanging around with crypto friends. She is now a full-time contributor at TODAY'S GAZETTE. email: esme.anderson@todaysgazette.com

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