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Electroneum (ETN) Is A Threat To Top 10 Coins

Electroneum (ETN) Sudden Rise Is Not A Day Job


Electroneum (ETN) Is A Threat To Top 10 Coins

Electroneum (ETN) –The cryptospace is full of vagaries and it makes it all the more exciting as it keeps you on your toes. After all, life is meant for the living. And the excitement of being in charge of your financial destiny is like no other.

Well you can equate it to the rush an addict feels as he contemplates taking the drug and the resultant effect afterwards. Now when you make sound financial decisions you can enjoy this euphoria without the pains of withdrawal as the effect of the drugs wears off.

The cryptographic world has presented a medium of feeling this ecstasy, so long as you play your cards right. I want to turn your world inside out as I reveal to you how Electroneum is the game changer that would eclipse other cryptocurrencies even the top ten.

Why Electroneum (ETN) Will Astound Lots Of Naysayers

A lot of persons is of the opinion that the market cap is the deciding factor of Electroneum’s worth when it hits the market. But this is simply not true. Market cap does not mean everything. Market Cap actually has more effect on the stock market where supply can be altered. Cryptocurrencies like Electroneum (ETN) has a finite supply. And because of its finite supply, the demand is not created by the Market cap. Rather it is the demand for it that drives its value.

In this current timespace that we occupy, not all of traditional market rules are applicable. In this age, a company’s success is mostly driven by social media, and hype. And in this category, Electroneum (ETN) has the edge; take a look at the team behind it.

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Despite Electroneum’s massive potential it has been undervalued for a long time. But the altcoin’s potential is not just about the team, the coin’s mission or the technology. In reality, there are many other reasons why this coin should be much higher on the crypto list and why the price should have spiked long ago.

The first thing that stands Electroneum in good stead and differentiates it from other cryptocurrencies is that ETN is Complaint with regulations.  Institutional investors are actually in need of a crypto that respects regulations as it provides them with trust in the coin and makes them want to get involved. This is the reason Electroneum (ETN) is becoming one of their primary targets.

Another thing is Electroneum’s KYC, which is of importance in the cryptographic world as it is essentially a base for regulatory compliance. This KYC feature gives Electroneum (ETN) an edge in the market place as it allows for a stronger partnership.

With this feature in place, Electroneum has the potential to enter into partnership with many mobile operators even from across the globe. Once this partnership deals start rolling in you can expect the coin’s price to spike up even more. This also gives it a huge potential for mass adoption.

Despite news highlighting Electroneum’s growth, there is still much room for this altcoin to grow. This primarily concerns its market cap, which is currently nearing $120million. When compared to some major players, that is tiny. And it is also tiny when you compare it to what Electroneum (ETN) itself can reach in the future.

As the coin is designed to be the mobile crypto, it allows anyone with a smartphone to earn, purchase, spend or exchange cryptocurrencies. Electroneum is already making partnerships that will let it provide access to these possibilities to over 100 million people. There are also additional partnerships in the pipeline for Electroneum (ETN), and all these are expected to eventually lead to its mass adoption.

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As ETN gets more mainstream usage, it will start serving as a form of payment, and more stores and businesses will become interested in opening up to it. Acceptance will drive adoption, and the coin will continue to experience growth in its value.


With more exposure, Electroneum’s awareness and its potential will increase. And with it, the coin’s usage and market cap will also grow.

While these are big plans and hopes for ETN, a lot of work, efforts and careful planning are also necessary. At the moment, the company has a series of goals and milestones they expect to reach in the not too distant future. Amongst them is the plan to roll out KYC, launch vendor API, community app, and vendor directory, etc.

Come what may, Electoneum (ETN) is a veritable threat to the top ten cryptocurrencies.


Esme has years of experiences in online publishing and business affiliation. She started her career back in 2015 where she joined multiple local news publications focusing on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, Global Warming, Business, and Marketing. Regarding personalities, Esme is the bubbliest. She loves hanging around with crypto friends. She is now a full-time contributor at TODAY'S GAZETTE. email: esme.anderson@todaysgazette.com

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. CryptoBob

    November 20, 2018 at 8:16 am

    Before spouting how ‘good’ ETN is, please do some research behind the scenes, visit telegram/discord/facebook/the community forum, have a good poke around, see what negatives are out there. ETN have yet to deliver anything on time, every single thing is delayed.

    ICO – Wallets locked due to alleged hack (no one claimed the hack)
    User Danile666 found a massive bug that allowed access to user data, he brought it to ETN’s attention, it got overlooked for 2 weeks.
    HitBTC exchange announced in Jan 2018 – still waiting.
    Artificially pumped price – It was admitted in the community forum.
    Listed on Coinbene – a top 10 exchange allegedly, it was ranked #90, with a 24hr trading vol of just $700.
    Listed on Liquid with Fiat pairing, expected to bring in a whole lot more users…nope, instead, it was rumoured that ETN had to speak to Liquid as the ETN/ETH pairing was trading $1-2million every 24hrs for days, the day after ETN spoke to them, it dropped to $95k, extremely shady activity going on.
    ICO $40million hard cap achieved earlier than expected, advertised as an ‘Asic resistant, decentralized privacy coin’ (just google Electroneum white paper), now look at it, after several forks, $400k spent at NiceHash to get the blockchain moving again (could’ve been avoided), switched to Asic friendly, back to Asic resistant, back to Asic friendly, upsetting a lot of people in the process, mainly gpu miners, the people who ETN needed the most when it launched. So we now have an ‘Asic friendly, centralized, KYC friendly non privacy coin’ that original investors didn’t sign up for!
    Massive marketing push announced for October, which was actually just tweets/facebook posts of the countdown for KYC happening Nov 12th, which has now passed and it got delayed to a later date.
    Airdrop app got released, which is buggy at best, too many connection errors, battery drains fast since last update.
    So far they have released news on exchanges (Liquid/Coinbene/KuCoin/Cryptopia/TradeOgre/Bitbns/SistemKoin) and news on partnerships (Joytel/Xius) and nothing has happened with the price, it’s gone down if anything, yet the community want more high end exchanges ie. Binance, it’s these kind of people that have zero knowledge on how trading works. More exchanges isn’t what’s needed, it’s solid news, with recognised parties. Bad grammatical pieces written by ETN and amateur bloggers, repeated social media items by ETN, isn’t going to cut it anymore.

    So there you go, please, please do a lot more research than just seeing the positives, and not mislead people into thinking that this will go far, it might do, it might not, my guess is it won’t, after the seeing the last 12months delays/failures/direction changes/errors/issues/toxic community/moon & lambo people. Time will tell. I might change my mind after the next 12months, but as it stands, this will not be a top 10 coin.

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