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Our Editorial Policy is in tandem with that of the Nigerian Journalism cycle as affirmed in the March 1998 organised Forum where the Nigerian Press Organisation officially accepted some guiding principles.

The declaration, which is also binding on editors and journalists of Today’s Gazette, is going to serve as our pivot towards ethical journalism.

In this wise, after understanding that journalism requires a high sense of societal trust, we deem it necessary to serve our audience with the right information in an ethical and professional manner.

Our regard for public trust is going to be our primary driver towards gathering information for public consumption.

As enshrined in our adopted Code of Ethics for Nigerian Journalists as stated here and dissected here, we therefore states unequivocally that we at Today’s Gazette shall always:

  1. ADOPT the nitty-gritty of the editorial policy Code of Ethics for Nigerian Journalists as an important fulcrum of our news carriage and the whole of our journalism standard.
  2. ATTEST that the Code of Ethics among other guidelines stipulated by professionals therein are going to serve as the major structure of our journalism, and that in no time will we deviate from the laid down rules.
  3. DECIDE that our editorial structure shall be governed by responsible journalists.
  4. PRESENT factual and accurate information. We shall responsibly differentiate fact from comments, guess or opinion.
  5. CORRECT misleading or inaccurate information in case we mistakenly publish one, and afterward tender our unreserved apology.

Want to Reach Out to us?

At Today’s Gazette, we welcome contributions and meaningful additions from experts in the industry.

So, anyone wanting to contribute or give us information is welcome. However, note that Today’s Gazette does not pay for such or accept money for publishing any news.

In case of Press Release, PR firms pay us for such. So, any article tagged as Press Release or Sponsored posts are paid for, and should be treated as such.

About Our Analysis

Our analysis are not financial advice, the same thing with all articles on our platforms. In this wise, we do not offer financial advice at Today’s gazette. So, do not make use of our article as one, but see what we publish as mere information.

Journalistic principles 

Our journalists are as fair, accurate and objective as possible. That is why we publish unique and outstanding news on our platforms.

In case of any mistakes, call our attention to it, and we are going to make immediate correction to such.

With integrity and impartiality, our journalists publish articles bordering on anything in the cryptocurrency space and do not write to support any cryptocurrency whatsoever.

Even though our journalists have right to hold any cryptocurrency and invest in any blockchain project they so desire, but they are to declare their cryptocurrency holdings, and do not have the opportunity to defend any cryptocurrency project.

Note that we do not accept payment for publishing articles or products reviews. We also do not pay to tap information from any firm. However, we publish sponsored post and Press Release.



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