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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Ecosystem Expansion: Swarm Brings Security Tokens to TRON (TRX) Blockchain


Ecosystem Expansion: Swarm Brings Security Tokens to TRON (TRX) Blockchain

Talking about TRON (TRX), the drop is becoming a flood –and the number of innovations on the blockchain network is increasing exponentially, as its DApps and other ideas expand across diverse fields.

It is not hard to see that the TRON (TRX) ecosystem is expanding with the increasing number of ideas flooding the network. As we go about celebrating the newly added USDT-TRON, the news of a possible partnership between TRON and Ethereum was exclusively reported by Today’s Gazette.

The Beginning of Good Things: Swarm and TRON (TRX) Partnership

It may be seen as the end, however, the news that Swarm will give asset providers the opportunity to issue security tokens on the TRON (TRX) blockchain added to the euphoria.

Swarm, a blockchain technology firm providing cost free tokenization of assets with a sumptuous dividend, only allows asset providers with proper licensing and KYC measures to do this on the TRON blockchain.

The blockchain firm designs tools that makes it easy to unlock and capture value across a diverse array of assets and opportunities.

Ecosystem Expansion: Swarm Brings Security Tokens to TRON (TRX) Blockchain

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Considering the uniqueness of TRON blockchain, tokenization on the network will give customers the advantage to achieve faster transactions with in a cheap and effective way.

Speaking on the development, Justin Sun, founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent said, “Swarm is one of the preeminent builders of digital investment infrastructure and its decision to adopt the TRON blockchain will further our push to make decentralized finance the next big thing for the investment community.”

Tether’s USDT is Launching on TRON (TRX) Network

TRON is adding weighty development to its ecosystem. Tether is launching USDT-TRON stablecoin. The USDT-TRON is based on the Tether technology and are pegged to the U.S. dollar.

Beyond that, the stablecoin can be used in smart contracts for security tokens that offer a dividend to the holders of their respective security tokens, a statement by the TRON Foundation has said. Crypto enthusiasts are keen on using stablecoins for the fact that it reduces volatility.

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Swarm Sees TRON (TRX) Blockchain as the Best Bet

Recognising the impact of TRON (TRX) in the blockchain world, Philipp Pieper, co-founder and CEO of Swarm, highlighted that TRON is delivering a fast, free solutions with its state of the art decentralized infrastructure that makes the platform a natural fit for Swarm’s open tokenization technology.

“Issuers will be able to offer security tokens on Tron’s blockchain, and will allow investors to use TRX and USDT-TRON to purchase security tokens,” he said.

“This is about meeting people where they are, and opening the door for the massive and engaged TRON community to enter this rapidly growing space.”

Oliver is an online publisher, managing various blogs through the years. He had contributed to multiple news portals in the US and the UK. His interest varies from Political Agendas to recent Technological advancements. He is now a full-time contributor to TODAY'S GAZETTE.

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