Earn Without Trading: Kucoin Shares (KCS) Offers Users Impressive Upsides.

Kucoin Share Kcs

While working under paid employment, one can also seek for additional source of income. Though many had opted for self-employment, others choose passive income. Cryptographic currencies had been around for a decade. Launched alongside the earliest decentralized platform, the foray into digital payments was smoothened.

Ten years later, digital currencies have leveled mountains in digital payments. At the moment, there are debit cards for one to withdraw his cryptographic funds. However, there are problems in the system. The volatility of these currencies can make or mar an investor. The market value might be on the high side in the day and waking up in the morning, you will be greeted with decline in trades.

As it stands, cryptographic currencies seem to have mono pattern. Their core use case is trading. Save for platforms that had began its acceptance as payment, you can only hope to trade when the market value is high.

Exploring New Market

As at the last quarter of 2017, the market value of these currencies was valued at $100 billion USD. To back it up, there was $5 billion USD daily transaction volume. With these upsides, many projects started porting to the platform.

Daily transaction worth from 10 exchanges is placed at $100 million USD. An industry with such market value should have ready incentive for its users. However, there seems no benefit coming forth from the crypto industry.

For years of its trade, cryptographic currencies have not been tested in other scenarios. Users only wait for a right tide to trade on the currency. It would have been better if alternate means of income were made possible aside trades.

Kucoin Shares (KCS) is opening up the channel for more use cases. Aside allowing throughput in crypto trades, you can also earn without trading. The idea is to foster passive income in cryptographic currencies. It is ironical and tantamount to waste of funds for one to keep crypto funds in his wallet while bidding for “good market”.

It is pertinent to note your funds determine the amount you receive at the end. Funds in your wallet are to be calculated by the platform and certain percentage allotted to you after daily trades.

Though many might consider this approach as means to reduce users’ participation in trades, it is great concept that will help users have something to fall back when trading goes sour. With its passive income feature, Kucoin Shares offers incentives to users for holding coins.

Kucoin Share (KCS) Influenced by Binance

The popular anthem in the crypto world is high transaction costs. Because blockchain encounters some hitches during mining, miners often part with some funds to release the smart contract. On the other hand, users get to pay same if they want their transactions processed faster.

Binance is a crypto exchange that offers users low fees. Aside this, users also get incentives for merely being in possession of its coin. It was from this exchange that Kucoin Shares borrowed a leaf.

Literally influenced by Binance, Kucoin Shares allows its users earn passive income based on the number of its tokens they have in their wallets. There is also reduction in transaction fees.

Kucoin Share (KCS): Rise to Stardom

Kucoin Shares is the official token of Kucoin; an exchange based in Honk Kong. Before time, the exchange had undergone different variations. In the year 2011, its team took interest in the blockchain and began researches on it.

By 2013, they had built a technical architecture for the platform. In the year 2017, there was launch of the exchange into the decentralized mainstream. Its goal was to bring disruption to already-existing exchanges.

Here’s Your Gain

Kucoin Shares offers users impressive upsides. First, there won’t be hitched transactions. Backed by memory-matching technology, the platform has the capability of processing 2 million transactions per second. There is also adoption of multi-review and multi-factor mechanisms for the platform’s security.

Multiple Trading Pairs

Unlike traditional exchanges, Kucoin Shares supports multiple cryptographic currencies. From ETH down to BTC, users can trade on many digital currencies without hassles. There is also support for cryptographic trading pairs.

Kucoin Shares also allows trade of ERC20-complaint tokens. As posited by the team, more exchanges will be added to the platform. Likewise, users will be empowered to register trading pairs and facilitate their trades.

Loyalty Program

Aside breeding faster transactions at lower costs in addition to passive income, Kucoin Shares opened up another medium of income. Users get to earn the token (KCS) on extension of invitation to prospects.

Kucoin Share (KCS): Pathway to Earn

Kucoin Shares is one out of such platforms that allows users derive immense benefits from crypto trades. With the platform, the hay days of earning from trades alone will be disrupted. You can earn from your crypto funds by simply possessing it.

To attract users the more, Kucoin Shares offers incentives to existing users when they refer friends. Kucoin Shares is not just a currency; it is an exchange that will foster better and scalable crypto trades.


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