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Early 2019 Crypto Predictions: VeChain, OmiseGo, Buggyra Coin Zero Signals Maximum Potentials

VeChain Omisego Buggyra


Early 2019 Crypto Predictions: VeChain, OmiseGo, Buggyra Coin Zero Signals Maximum Potentials

In the cryptocurrency community, many a number of predictions that were made in 2018 failed. In fact, some platforms have postulated that 95 percent of predictions about what the price of digital currency will be failed at the end of the year, and some stated that those predictions are nothing but the ones from chimpanzees.

Not that all predictions ended up been wrong all the time, observers say those that are actually right came through by mere luck.

In as much as these comments are just observations, some predictions are right at some point, and may be part of the remaining 5 percent that came to be right by “mere luck”. Who knows?

For those conversant with Reddit, Telegram or Facebook forums, price predictions are the order of the day and get adequate readers even if they are bound to fail.

As usual, cryptocurrency analysts are being asked when a certain coin will reach so-so amount just to make those who hold cryptos put their hands in akimbo and watch till the digital currency reaches their desired price.

You see newbies in the cryptocurrency world asking when coins like XRP will reach $10. Imagine XRP jumping to $10 or $20 in a jiffy?

Cryptocurrency predictions need not be on the price alone, they could be on mass adoptions which later have effects on the price and crypto community at large.

In this regard, we have evaluated some certain digital currencies purposely to keep you abreast of their potentials in 2019.

VeChain (VET): The Future Of IoT In 2019

VeChain (VET) is seen as the future of IoT. The blockchain platform has enormous use cases worthy of being bought into this 2019. Remember in 2018, numerous firms and governments showed interest in VeChain’s state of the art innovations.

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Aside that, before the year 2018 ended, VeChain announced it surpassed 1 million transaction on the mainnet and 1 million VTHO tokens burned in a day. These are signals the blockchain platform means business. The more the number of those who use the platform increases, the more the VeChain token (VTHO) value spikes.

In 2018 alone, VeChain partnered with Fuji Marumo, Morpheus Lab, BIOS and SafeHaven and some other big firms.

However in 2019, more firms wanting to use blockchain for their supply chain are still going to be using VeChain due to the fact that DNV GL bought a stake in the blockchain firm.

With VeChain’s readiness to use its experience to bring about changes in the food, cold storage, supply chain, retail, luxury goods, automobile, liquor and pharmaceuticals industries, the growth of this digital currency and its blockchain this year is limitless. The blockchain platform plans to expand this 2019.

Omisego (OMG): Time To Begin New Things

OmiseGo (OMG) is fashioned to become a decentralized, universal payment processing system purposely to replace archaic payment tools like ACH, Western union and SWIFT. It aims to help the society’s “unbanked” population i.e. people with no access to financial services across the globe.

As OmiseGo plans to achieve this, the blockchain platform has partnered with firms like SBI Investment, one of the leading Japanese investment firm, the Bank of Thailand and McDonald’s Thailand, among others.

While people may be doubting the potentials of OmiseGo, its parent firm Omise, a renowned fintech company expediting cross-border payments in Southeast Asia should make them understand that the blockchain firm has enormous potentials. There is possibility the firm partners with more firms this 2019.

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Buggyra Coin Zero (BCZERO) Is Showing Green Light

As we all look out for digital asset with potentials in 2019, we should not look down on Buggyra Coin Zero (BCZERO). The digital currency has risen from nowhere to the 70th position in the Coin Market this 2019. The cryptocurrency began a bull race in late 2018 and has been persistently moving closer to staying among the top 50 coins since then.

BCZERO (Buggyra coin zero) is built on Ethereum platform and serves as the future of all payment forms in the Truck Racing world.

It poises to be a payment settlement idea for all forms of payments “from racing series to racing events and for sponsorships, merchandising and racing fans in China, India, Europe, Asia and South America”.

The digital currency is creating more opportunities in the sporting industry than expected and may revolutionise the industry within a short time.

Isaac is currently taking his degree in journalism. His interest varies from Entertainment, Current Events, and Business Monetization. In his early years in the writing industry, he joined different online publication as a contributing writer. Today, he is now a full-time contributor to TODAY'S GAZETTE.

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