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Don’t Panic, $1 Million Certain, Says John McAfee As Bitcoin Price Dwindles



Don’t Panic, $1 Million Certain, Says John McAfee As Bitcoin Price Dwindles

It seems like the “bears” hit straight from the shoulder to the price of Bitcoin. The main cryptocurrency has significantly dropped over the past 24 hours. Where is Bitcoin trading now?

Are the Major Players Pushing Out the Small Speculators?

On July 15, the price of Bitcoin fell to $ 9,800. It has been dropping below $ 10,000 for the first time since July 2. Bitcoin market cap fell to $ 182 billion losing about $20 billion from yesterday.

However, a supporter of Bitcoin, John McAfee, attacked investors, who chickened out:

Thus, McAfee keelhauled investors for the panic they started as a result of the usual weekly fluctuations. He also recalled the parabolic Bitcoin price movement lately. Despite the deep price correction, McAfee is confident that Bitcoin will reach the million predicted by him.

$ 1 Million and Up?

The popular cryptocurrency analyst Plan₿ published an interesting analysis on Twitter, which demonstrates that the price of Bitcoin reaches for $ 100,000 after the halving in 2020, and then to $ 1 million in 2024 and $ 10 million in 2028.

The Founding Partner of Adamant Capital Tuur Demeester also has published a chart demonstrating the dynamics of Bitcoin prices from 2011. This will probably help predict the future seasonal behavior of the main cryptocurrency:

Although the latest drop from $ 11,400 to $ 9,800 terrifies many, such a price correction is the norm for Bitcoin. To date, the price trades on the level near $10,315. For many investors, such pullbacks are a great opportunity to accumulate new coins buying them at a lower rate.

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Altcoin Investments can Generate 10 Times Profit

Altcoins also suffered significantly as a result of a decrease in the price of Bitcoin: Ethereum decreased to $ 226, while Litecoin, EOS, and XRP also suffered heavy losses from 10% to 15%.

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While almost all altcoins are in free fall. But according to the cryptocurrency analyst The Crypto Dog, we will soon see the opposite movement. He argues that the total capitalization of the altcoins can soar by at least 50 percent in the near future.

The holders of altcoins will be able to earn their X in the next few months. And each of them has the potential to increase their capital by one hundred. To do this, you just need to select coins with huge growth potential in the medium term.

Victoria Tiebienieva is an Ukrainian based cryptocurrency writer with over 5 years crypto experience. Victoria has written numerous articles for popular cryptocurrency website across Ukraine. She just joined Today's Gazette as our Europe Correspondent.She's available for conversation on

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