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Dogecoin Creator Jackson Palmer Goes Private On Youtube And Twitter. Any Reason?

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Dogecoin Creator Jackson Palmer Goes Private On Youtube And Twitter. Any Reason?

Dogecoin’s (DOGE) creator, Jackson Palmer, is one of the few experts in crypto sphere that are very difficult to understand with the shocking actions they display occasionally. In what could be tagged eccentric, Palmer, after forsaking Dogecoin, has decided to go private on both YouTube channel and Twitter page, rendering all his weekly videos inaccessible.

One of the previous bizarre attitudes of Jackson Palmer is his claim that he does not possess any DOGE, despite creating the cryptographic project.

On a fresh note, Palmer issued another surprise into the crypto space, making his Twitter handle and YouTube channel go private. In spite of the hard labor he had devoted to his weekly update, Palmer pulled down a number of videos relating to cryptocurrency.

Subsequently, it became a matter which ascended speculations in the crypto space as not everyone can guess the major reasons behind this decision.

Palmer Made his Videos Private on YouTube Channel

Palmer made all his cryptocurrency related videos on YouTube private with claims that some people (imposters) prompted his decision.

Read Palmer’s words below;

“Because a few people have asked: yes, I’ve made all the crypto videos on my YouTube channel private.”

Palmer said he gets notified often that he’s being impersonated on Telegram, WhatsApp or via email with deceitful videos. While people advised him to ‘do something about it,’ he feels it is not his duty.

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“It’s not my job or responsibility to spend time reporting fake accounts on instant messaging services that I don’t even use, and I don’t have the spare energy to deal with people asking me about this stuff on the regular. It’s made my hobby tedious, tiring and un-fun,” Palmer continued.

“In addition to this, a large chunk of the comments on my videos were akin to ‘this guy talks funny and is dumb, this coin is actually amazing because I have bags of it myself so it must be great’. I turned off notifications, but it’s still not compelling feedback to receive”.

However, Jackson said henceforth, his YouTube channel will feature general tech issues, as this would help reduce the possibility of his impersonation.

Jackson Palmer Went Private on Twitter

Palmer has also made his Twitter account private, but this time, he rolled into action suddenly without any prior information unlike he did with his YouTube channel.

With what is seen above, it is clear that his Twitter account has not been totally deleted but protected.

Possible Reason Behind His Privacy Actions

One of Palmer’s followers on social media said many Dogecoin (DOGE) users agreed to his analytic stance on blockchain and cryptocurrency, and this convinced a lot of followers that love to listen to his opinions and quality conversations.

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Nevertheless, Palmer’s latest action is clearly hurting some cryptocurrency enthusiasts that are following him on both YouTube and Twitter.

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There have been claims that Palmer recently delved into things like identity politics and this pissed off some of his followers. Observers have also opined that this or any other reasons known to him might have actually prompted this latest decision.

In conclusion, Dogecoin (DOGE) continues to soar with or without him, but to say the truth, Jackson Palmer as the creator of this meme digital currency is supposed to be the one leading the song of its daily success and not like a shadow that attracts no attention.

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