DigiByte (DGB) Launches Mega Bounty 2018 for Developers


DigiByte (DBG) is starting the month of August with some favourable news. DigiByte Foundation announced that it will be presenting the Mega Bounty 2018. Josiah Spackman the ambassador for DigiByte foundation proclaimed that the bounties were going to be focused on 11 projects.

The last round of developer bounties that DigiByte had held was successful and resulted in the integration of the Android and iOS apps to various app stores. Beyond the previous one, this current Bounty aims to achieve more and already has 11 projects.

The projects are mobile QR scanning, Trezor support, Colouredcoins, DigiStats, address book for mobile, repeating/ scheduled mobile payments, support for bech32 and segwit on Mobile. It also included broadcast Memo, wallet recovery tools, core wallet UI redesign and FIDO2 certification.

The DigiByte Foundation will be putting up the bounties from the Dev Funds and the foundation hopes to offer its community and developers additional bounties as the time goes on.

Success of Previous Bounties

DigiByte (DGB) announced that its app would now be available to all smartphone owners and not just Android users alone. Apple Inc. had approved of the Digibyte’s self-titled app and the App Store now has the iOS version of the app.

The DigiByte app is available in over 50 languages, and iOS-based users of DigiByte can now save, store, spend and send from the DigiByte App. Spackman yesterday announced  that the the success of integrating the app to Google Play store and iOS App store is as a result of the just concluded round of developers bounty.

Beyond Bounties

DigiByte (DGB) was traded at 17.4% lower against the US dollar last week. However, at 21:00 PM Eastern on August 5th, DGB was trading at 7.4% higher against the US dollar. Currently, 1 DigiByte coin can be purchased for $0.0341 or 0.00000480 BTC on major exchanges. The digital currency has a market capitalization of $361.89 million and about $2.75 million worth of DigiByte has been traded on exchanges in the last 24 hours.

Asides the spike in price, the DigiByte community had actively been involve in raising about $19,000 for the Venezuela project. A feat they were able to accomplish in less than 48 hours.

Asides the Venezuela project, there is also the Adicora project where the community aims to bring internet access back to the city. The DigiByte community aims to continue raising funds till August when they are sure of the projects they would be spending on. Spackman announced that the DigByte community had various charities planned and the community is raising funds towards them.


The DigiByte Mega Bounty 2018 will be funded by the Dev Fund which was created in 2017. The Bounty is being organized by The DigiByte Foundations and aims to improve the DigiByte ecosystem while simultaneously providing Support for developers.

The Mega Bounty 2018 has some really interesting offers with some of the bounty projects offering rewards from 10,000 DGB to 150,000 DGB. Asides the bounty, DigiByte announced that the next version of DigiByte blockchain core $DGB v6.16.3 will be coming soon. We are also expected to see a general improvement on the DigiByte blockchain.

Image Source: Medium.


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