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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Dash (DASH) Ranks #1 Ahead Of Bitcoin And Others In Latest Research, Gets Colossal Boost In Nigeria

Dash Dash


Dash (DASH) Ranks #1 Ahead Of Bitcoin And Others In Latest Research, Gets Colossal Boost In Nigeria

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As most Cryptocurrencies target coming out outstanding after the market crash, the privacy oriented cryptocurrency, Dash (DASH), made a ground breaking achievement after being named the best digital currency used as payment means ahead of Bitcoin and others.

According to a research issued by a technology focused publication embracing all technologies, Coinmonks, Dash bagged 114 points to stay atop after 32 payment-focused cryptos were examined based on the following: “Security, Availability, User-friendliness, Technical user aspects, Maintenance.”

In the security section, Dash was rated above many other coins due to its high hashrate – 2.35 PH/s, and the Masterdnode network it utilizes.

As 51% mining hack remains a common attack on most Proof of Work (PoW) blockchain projects, and Dash seems to be resilient to the attack with the LLMQ-based ChainLocks it just released.

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While the research graded coins in the availability section based on the ease to purchase, Dash (DASH) again hit the maximum point scoring 10. To be rated excellent in the availability section, it is important the coin is being paired with more than 10 fiats and must be available on 100 exchanges with a BTC pair.

It was stated that the research is “not a completely objective method” because it relies on the values made available by “the researcher made for this assessment on the basis of feeling, knowledge and experience”.

However, the “study gives a nice picture of how the different coins score in those areas that are important to become a generally accepted means of payment”.

Dash (DASH) Handed Major Boost In Nigeria

Dash (DASH) cryptocurrency was handed a major boost in Nigeria after it formed a synergy with Kurecoinhub to enhance the acceptability of the altcoin in the country.

The partnership is tipped of helping Dash (DASH) get acceptance on the bank and exchange platform of Kurecoinhub

The CEO of the self-service banking platform, Tega Abikure, stated that the integration of Dash will grant Nigerians “seamless and quick transactions” and “immediate liquidity to fiat.”

Kurecoinhub also grants users the ability to borrow up “up to 50% of their cryptocurrency value” after one month of banking. Nigerian can also receive their loan in fiat (naira).

The development made Nathaniel Luz of Dash Nigeria aver that there will be increase in the liquidity of the cryptocurrency in the region.

Freddie is a professional journalist and feature writer. He participates on various movements that enable communities to initiate more in-depth understanding on essential topics. His views differentiates the effects on society's day to day life. He is now a full-time contributor to TODAY'S GAZETTE.

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