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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Cryptonex (CNX): An Enviable Crypto Coin In The Space

Cryptonex (CNX): An Enviable Crypto Coin In The Space


Cryptonex (CNX): An Enviable Crypto Coin In The Space

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Cryptonex (CNX) –Currently, it is necessary to use exchangers or other services like local bitcoins for funds deposit or withdrawal implementation. These exchangers charge fees, and it takes a lot of time to conduct operations. While trying to do this, the risk of losing money because of a dishonest contractor is always a major concern.

It is also difficult to withdraw money, and there is little or no opportunity to pay with cryptocurrency using a mobile application. As such cryptocurrency holders are fed up of waiting for conversion, deposit and withdraw as well as the fear of losing funds on the exchanges.

Cryptonex (CNX) To The Rescue 

In order to combat these challenges, Cryptonex has developed a secure web wallet that allows it to store and convert popular cryptocurrencies. The Cryptonex team has started to implement the mobile app and the chance to work with fiat.

Cryptonex is built based on the Scrypt encryption algorithm. It safeguards transactions and wallets from hacking from the outside. The access may be encrypted; the vital thing is to store the password in a safe place.

The international decentralized cryptocurrency, Cryptonex is aimed at the new generation consumer. It is built on its own blockchain platform and is highly efficient on this personalized system.

The primary reason for the creation of Cryptonex was to offer users an opportunity to exchange any type of currency in the world for any other token or cryptocurrency. It also affords users the chance to buy goods and services using payment cards and mobile phones while still enjoying the anonymity of a decentralized currency.

Cryptonex (CNX) Team Focus And History

Cryptonex was created by a team of international finance investors whose chief area of interest is in the development of software for use in the financial market. In a bid to offer solutions to various pressing problems, the crypto space has witnessed and will still witness active cryptocurrency industry development.

But blockchain experts have revealed that the question of acquiring is yet to be solved. That is, instead of waiting until the global commercial companies officially sanction cryptocurrency as a primary payment mechanism on the same level as fiat, ambitious developers are coming up with projects able to remedy the situation.  One of such an ambitious project is Cryptonex.

Nine central developers with vast experience in the fields of software programming, blockchain technology, PR and marketing make up the current team. Pavel Kalinin is the founder and managing director of Cryptonex.

The ICO of the international blockchain acquiring project Cryptonex was completed in October 2017. The team’s primary goal is to provide users with the opportunity to exchange any world currencies for cryptocurrencies and tokens to purchase goods and services using mobile phones and payment cards.

All transactions will be immediately carried out with minimal commission. The Cryptonex team was able to raise 18million dollars despite the absence of a robust Public Relations support.

The team is developing and implementing the services which will simplify work with cryptocurrency. These services include multi-currency wallet with the opportunity to make exchanges for fiat money, mining pool, P2P Exchange platform, CNX card services for offline work, integration with exchanges, interface redesign, affiliate service, mobile application and many more.

Peer-To-Peer (P2p) Exchange Platform            

This is a cryptocurrency purchase, and sale service between people wherein Cryptonex serves as a transaction guarantor. The transaction time which is carried out in real time is set by the initiator. It is on your terms as you agree on the payment terms, the amount received and any additional guarantees.

You get to choose a place for it if the transaction is offline. The P2P exchange does not place a limit on transaction amount and number. Transactions come with guarantee as cryptocurrency for sale is blocked by the service until the recipient gets the fund from the buyer.

Cryptonex (CNX) Offers Easy Entrance Into The Crypto World Via Multi-Currency Wallet

You can purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptonex through an online purchase by using a bank card.

You can create BTC, ETH, and CNX wallet using the service of instant cryptocurrency exchange.

You get to discover CNX cloud mining with 20% bonus and 11% profit annually, irrespective of growth rate.

The multi-currency wallet allows you to store your funds safely in multiple currencies: Cryptonex, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ontology, Euro, Brazilian Real, Russian Ruble, British Pound, US Dollar. You can also top up your wallet balance by using a QR-code or by a direct deposit on the wallet address. Likewise, all the supported currencies in the wallet can be exchanged. The service of purchasing BTC and ETH using

Cryptonex (CNX) Invoice Service

A solution for business –invoicing counterparties bank cards is available anywhere in the cryptocurrency indicating the payment purpose has been developed by Cryptonex. This service was developed as part of the ‘Merchant’ service preparation that will allow connecting stores and retail for payments in cryptocurrency.

The invoice is supplied in any supported cryptocurrency, and the invoice expiration date can be specified. The issued invoice gets to the counterparty’s backoffice for payment. The invoices status and their payment can be checked in the Invoices section.

Cryptonex (CNX) Card Service

There is a nominal card and a chargeable card depending on your preference.

Cryptonex (CNX) Cloud Mining Pool

You have no need for equipment and expenses on safety. You also do not need to save a large sum of money to speed up reward- get into the mining pool, and you get to receive 11% annually into your wallet in the network. The mining pool and wallet can be accessed wherever there is an internet service.

In the nearest future, users will be able to create their own mining pool, receive additional income as they attract their community to it.

Cryptonex (CNX) Worldwide Bonus Program

Cryptonex announced a bonus program all over the world in which owners of Ethereum wallets with a positive balance will be sent 1000 CNX tokens. All those who receive these token can exchange it for CNX coins at the rate of 1coin to 1000 tokens and get a 20% bonus for purchasing CNX coins.

The coins are automatically sent for mining with an11% annual profit and a 1year hold. The exchange is effected in the Cryptonex backoffice.

However, to exchange CNX tokens for coins, you need to transfer the tokens to the Ethereum wallet in your back office. The system will convert the tokens automatically into CNX coins and make deposit in the mining pool.

More than 10 000 000 CNX is planned for distribution to the crypto community. The aim of Cryptonex at distributing coins to the community is to introduce people to the service.

The plan is that in the nearest future all free coins will be received or purchased by the crypto community. Tokens are not to be purchased under any pretext as the tokens are distributed free of charge and will be canceled once the bonus program is completed.

Terms And Conditions For The Cryptonex (CNX) Worldwide Bonus

You must have a positive balance on Ethereum wallet.

Once you receive the 1000 CNX tokens, you can convert it into 1 CNX and end it to mining, holding it for a year. The more coins you transfer to the mining pool the more profitable CNX purchase will be.

You will not be alone while mining your coins; it will be incorporated into Cryptonex biggest mining pool will definitely accelerate reward receiving

Once the bonus program is completed, all unused smart contracts will be deleted.

On a final note, with the myriad of services being offered by the Cryptonex team, Cryptonex undoubtedly occupies an enviable position in the crypto space.

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