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Crypto Which Rose By 3,257% in the Last 24hrs is Offering the Accounting World Better Future

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Crypto Which Rose By 3,257% in the Last 24hrs is Offering the Accounting World Better Future

Data on Coinmarketcap reveals that a cryptographic project which is less popular in the crypto space has seen over 3200% value rise in the last 24 hours as Bitcoin continues to flash red light.

The cryptocurrency market is yet to convince traders, as the leading coin failed to cross the $11K spot even though altcoins are showing revival with green color.

However, some analyst have proclaimed that the supposed alt-season might be on its way as altcoins look firm on the upside trend with green flag.

In the midst of the present trend, a cryptocurrency seems to have bullied its contemporaries with a value that cannot be disregarded especially at a time when most cryptocurrencies barely add significant value.

Alpha Token, branded with the repute of offering a better future to the accounting world, spiked by 3,257% within 24 hours. The decentralized cryptographic project linked to Ethereum Network allows users get bounty while they offer accounting, auditing, and other financial services.

alpha token price spike

After being priced $0.0140 in the last few days, Alpha Token initially rose to around $0.03 on September 5 and it maintained the price range yesterday.

At the closing hours of the American trading session yesterday, Alpha Token surged from a unit market value of $0.03 to $1.77. The cryptocurrency only managed to hold unto the high value for few minute before a slight regression was witnessed, dumping the value of Alpha token to around $0.8 per unit.

At press time, a unit of Alpha Token is priced $0.891866 against US dollar with 3,257% added value in the last 24 hours.

7 days alpha token price

Against BTC, Alpha Token value has been upped by 3,193.53% in the last 24 hours. While the real reasons behind the value is yet to be found, some traders are saying it is yet another event of ‘pump and dump’.

Despite the green display offered by most altcoins and the red dye around Bitcoin, BTC continues to champion the ecosystem with over 70% market dominance.

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