Six Properties Crypto Has In Common With Cannabis –CNBC’s Fast Money‏ Analyst Highlights

Crypto Vs Cannabis 1

Tim Seymour, in a dip analysis has explained four things cryptocurrency has in common with Cannabis. In a recent edition of CNBC’s Fast Money, Tim, on the program tagged Crypto Vs Cannabis, gives some insightful messages on the links between cryptocurrency and Cannabis.

Tim brought out that although cryptocurrency and Cannabis are viewed as commodities, in a Venn diagram presented on the program, he highlighted brought out 6 common properties of the two:







Speaking on cryptocurrency, he said he does not believe crypto is a commodity even though it is being regulated by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

Talking about the criminal aspect of crypto, he said it is possible to be investing in something, while that thing may be a viewed as a criminal deal. For example people exploit money through it, he said about crypto.


Tim spoke about manipulation and regulation as well, however he did not expatiate some much on it. He then spoke about market speculation and how it affects traders. Stating that both are common to cannabis and cryptocurrency.

While talking about volatility, he said it is common in both sides. He was, however questioned on what is more compelling between the two commodities in case one needs to select. Tim replied that cannabis is socially dynamic. He said even though crypto is interesting but big industries like Pharma are queening behind cannabis owing to his social values.


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