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Crypto Trading Guru Tone Vays Is Betting $250K On Bitcoin (BTC) Price Below $2,000. Here’s How To Participate



Crypto Trading Guru Tone Vays Is Betting $250K On Bitcoin (BTC) Price Below $2,000. Here’s How To Participate

Veteran cryptocurrency commentator and trading specialist Tone Vays has declared he’s betting 250K on Bitcoin (BTC) price falling below $2,000. Before embarking on a 17hr journey today, the cryptocurrency pundit, while clarifying the terms and conditions of the betting, said if Bitcoin falls below $2,000, he would receive 100BTC.

Vays who is certain Bitcoin will go below $2,000 however, said he’s ready to give out $250,000 only if the price of Bitcoin (BTC) does not fall below $2,000.

He said:

“Here is my bet offer as I take off on a 17hr flight: If #Bitcoin drops under $2K you give me 100 $BTC = $200K that day. If it does NOT drop under $2K, I give you $250K or 1 BTC (whichever has a higher $ denominated value) I have until 2024 halving to be sure $2k won’t happen :)”

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Meanwhile, Vays want anyone that’s ready to participate to lock up 100 BTC in escrow.

“Let me know when you are ready to lock up 100 BTC in escrow”

Tone Vays On Bitcoin (BTC) Price In the Past

Tone Vay always shows commitment to Bitcoin. The crypto expert has been bullish on both the long and short price of BTC, until recently.

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Around October 2018, Tone Vays, an ex-Wall Street trader and a well-known crypto expert announced his maiden trade of 2018 when BTC was trading at $6,400.  In his recent conversation On The Record with Murad Mahmudov where all that has to do with crypto was discussed, Vays highlighted that he’s 85% certain Bitcoin (BTC) has not bottomed yet. He said, there’s 40% certainty the true bottom will be around $1-2K.

Vays added that Bitcoin has 10% potential of going below $1,000. The crypto trader, going by his assertions believes altcoins like EOS, Cardano (ADA), XRP, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Ethereum are still very expensive to buy at the moment.

Vay is sure Bitcoin will not go to $20K again until it 2020. He’s prediction indicates Bitcoin would be much rewarding in the next 2 years.

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