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Crypto Leb: XRP Will See a 100% Price Gain in the Next 2 Weeks

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Crypto Leb: XRP Will See a 100% Price Gain in the Next 2 Weeks

Things may look a bit stagnant for the crypto market at the moment, but it’s still clear that the bullish sentiment is here to stay. If you think you’ve heard the last of “out of this world” crypto predictions, you probably haven’t heard of what Crypto Leb had to say about XRP.

In a tweet, a twitter user going by the handle, Crypto Leb, made a baffling prediction that XRP is headed for a cool 100% pump within the next 2 weeks.

This opinion had many crypto enthusiasts a little confused, especially considering the current market situation. Just yesterday, XRP slumped below the $0.30 mark before recovering.

Past Performance

To support his point, Crypto Leb argued that XRP’s past performance is something to reference, claiming that the market situation in 2016 was very similar to the current one. As such, he claimed that a major XRP pump is about to happen.

Market Correction

However, while Crypto Leb’s prediction appears extremely bullish given the timeline he gives, there’s another catch. He opines that after the predicted 100% gain, XRP will likely pullback by around 40% to mark a critical market correction. This is probably in line with the many various price jumps seen in the crypto market over the years.

Every other time, there’s almost always a price correction right after a major price rally.

Q4 Will Be A Bull Run

Going on, the crypto fan said that the price correction wouldn’t be the end of it for XRP in 2019. He predicted another major XRP bull run during the 4th quarter of 2019. Given that 2019 is mostly expected to be a good year for the crypto market, it’s hard to dispute the possibility of a major bull run happening at around that time.

Point To Note

Commenting on the same thread, Crypto Leb made a point to let everyone know that the prediction was his own personal opinion and it should not be taken as gospel truth or construed as financial advice for investors.

Nick James is a cryptocurrency writer and editor with up to a decade in the finance world. He has written for Forbes, Cointelegraph, Ethereum World News, Independent Republic, Zycrypto and many others.

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