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Crypto Holders Contemplate Flipping BTC for XRP, in Anticipation of Future Rise in Price


Crypto Holders Contemplate Flipping BTC for XRP, in Anticipation of Future Rise in Price

Ripple XRP is now the rave of the moment in the crypto space. Though Bitcoin price performance is very good, XRP has gained more attraction. This made crypto users consider flipping BTC for XRP because they believe the later has greater potential to appreciate more in the future. A lot of factors are considered the reason why XRP may rule the crypto space in the future.

A rise in the XRP Transaction Volume

Currently, XRP has started appreciating in value, increasing in price volume. According to a report by, a platform dedicated to covering all the happening in the crypto and blockchain world. On May 15,
from 00:00 to 10:00 (UTC), XRP recorded a net inflow of $25.98 million, in the past 10 hours.

During the week, XRP has performed better than BTC and ETH, according to report. At the time of writing, it trades at $0.432, with a market cap of $18 billion, moving at 13.98% in 24 hours. The curve shows a sharper increase than BTC and ETH.

Ripple Strong Partnership

Ripple has been forming a strong partnership with banks and other financial institutions. These partnerships allow banks and other payment processors to use Ripple decentralized tools which are integrated with XRP.

Head of a Japanese bank, Yoshitaka Kitao believes XRP will revolutionalize the cryptocurrency world. He anchors Ripple activities in Asia via SBI to promote adoption in the crypto-active region.

Though an immediate impact on the price is expected, the full impact would be in August when there will be regulatory clarity on XRP as a token.


Ripple’s Recent Developments and Accessibility

Recently, Ripple has upgraded all features on its platform, even added new ones. All Ripple decentralized financial tools are now integrated with XRP which makes it wildly accepted by customers.

Banks prefer XRP which powers cross-border payments tools and is faster to use and access. Crypto users who are looking to invest long term believe XRP will do better in the future.

Hi I am a crypto writer, blockchain enthusiast, financial and travel blogger. Though a finance professional, crypto and blockchain are now my specialty. I write to inform you of what is happening in the crypto space and how the blockchain technology is changing the world. Besides writing, I am a digital marketer, promoting ICOs and other products.

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