Competition: Neo (NEO) Sets Aside $30,000 For Web And Icons Design

Competition: Neo (NEO) Sets Aside $30,000 For Web And Icons Design

Neo (NEO) has announced today the launch of a two track competition where participants are going to share $30,000 total prize in $GAS.

In the competition, dubbed Creative Design Competition with the theme, “Smart Economy”, which starts today and ends October 14, 2018, Neo (NEO) revealed that competitors with advanced potential in web and icon design are seriously required to take the platform to the next level.

Neo, a world respected blockchain project, wants a well-designed web since it will play an important role in Neo’s brand.

The website, being people’s primary source of information about Neo, requires a simple navigation protocols that will leave a good impression on visitors from time to time.

In this wise, Neo project seeks web designers who can put different users orientation into play while designing a good looking and user oriented platform.

Submitted websites must reveal the technological undertone of Neo and at the same time must focus on the smart contract vision of the blockchain firm.

For Neo Icon category, designers much understand the essential parts of the Neo ecosystem, while not forgetting element like NeoVM, NeoContract, NeoGas, NeoQS, NeoX, and NeoFS. Upon understanding this, Icons reflecting the concepts of this ideas are to be designed. This is to promote and represent the functionality of this innovations.

Designers are enjoined to make the icons have unique elements that point to what this ideas are about.

After the competition, winners will receive 200,000 RMB in prizes, and there is possibility of future collaboration between them and Neo Global Development.

Brief About NEO

Neo, is a not for profit blockchain project deploying decentralize and digital identity for digitalization of assets, while also managing digital assets with the use of smart contracts. While Neo aims to invent a “Smart Economy”, it is doing everything to make sure this is achieved in no time.

Founded in 2014, Neo has a number of growing developers and users and it is becoming one of the most celebrated cryptocurrency in recent time.


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