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Coinbase Whales Prefer XRP and They Keep Holding It For a Long Time

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Coinbase Whales Prefer XRP and They Keep Holding It For a Long Time

Despite the protracted dumping of XRP token, the Coinbase traders are still holding the cryptocurrency. According to the latest data of the American trading platform, traders buy XRP tokens more than they sell these.

As states user under the nickname MOONER on Twitter, it seems like Coinbase whales love XRP. This is confirmed by the data published by the trading platform.

Rather, such investor interest is marked by the constant development of the network and the conclusion of new global partnerships.

Investors characterize the token as one of the reliable and sustainable means not only for storing savings but also for multiplying them. Users note the following features among the positive aspects:

  • High-speed operations. A transaction takes about 4 seconds. To date, none of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies can boast of such speed.
  • A low fee. Its size is 0.00001 XRP. Given the current rate, it is a little over $ 0.0000025. A fee is charged to increase the security of transactions. Its size increases when powerful DDoS attacks take place.
  • Colossal growth rates. In 2018, the XRP rate rose at a peak of 619 times compared to the original cost. And perhaps the XRP token will repeat the boom once again.
  • Scalability. In 1 second, the system manages to complete 1,000 transactions. This indicator is better than any other alternative currency but slightly lower than the VISA payment system.

More Organizations Need Secure, Fast and Convenient Transborder Remittances

Ripple strides the industry quite convincingly, taking important steps to progress. Ripple strategies bring significant results. This is evident both in new partnerships and in statements by Ripple representatives. The last cooperation of the company was signed with the Pakistani bank Faysal Bank Limited.

According to the bank’s representatives, the signing of the contract between Ripple and Faysal Bank Limited takes place in the Pakistani city of Karachi.

Faysal Bank Limited was no wasteful of words regarding the agreement with the new partnerships on Twitter.

Note, that today there is no official permission to use the blockchain in Pakistan. Although there is no ban on the usage of technology either. The country’s regulators are actively discussing the rules and licensing schemes for such operations.

Given the conclusion of cooperation between Ripple and a company from this country, admission for the blockchain will likely appear there soon. Perhaps the administration of Faysal Bank Limited will contribute to the early adoption of standards for the functioning of the blockchain.

The excitement around the token and the system as a whole positively affect XRP and the possibilities for its further development.

Ripple is a popular cryptocurrency for fast and comfortable transfers in just 4 seconds, which can become the basis of the banking system of the whole world in 5 years.

Victoria Tiebienieva is a Ukrainian based cryptocurrency writer with over 5 years crypto experience. Victoria has written numerous articles for popular cryptocurrency website across Ukraine.She has spoken about cryptocurrency in notable media houses across her country. She joined Today's Gazette as our Europe Correspondent. Contact:

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