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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Cogent Facts DigiByte (DGB) Will Progress On Cloverdex

DigiByte (DGB) Cloverdex


Cogent Facts DigiByte (DGB) Will Progress On Cloverdex

Cloverdex has announced it is teaming up with DigiByte (DGB), and will be listing the digital currency as a premium offering on its newly unveiled Cloverdex trading platform.

According to Cloverdex, DigiByte will be used for trade against some other digital currencies including a number of fiat pairings like DGB/USD, DBG/EUR, DGB/AUD, and DGB/GBP.

Here are Cogent Facts DigiByte (DGB) Will Grow On Cloverdex

One Stop Shop For All

DigiByte (DGB) has the tendency to progress on Cloverdex for the fact that the Modular Decentralised Exchange is popularly celebrated as a one stop shop for hundreds of cryptocurrencies and tokens, crypto debit card facilities, and diverse fiat gateways.

Through these, there is opportunity for DigiByte to see mighty progress on the platform.

DigiByte (DGB)’s Success: A Landmark in the Crypto History

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Cloverdex: Packed With Three Distinct Characteristics

Cloverdex consists of three distinct products that are much-sought after in the cryptocurrency world today:

  1. Modular hybrid decentralised exchange;
  2. Secure multi-currency wallet; and
  3. EFTPOS debit card — every day purchases using cryptocurrency seamlessly.

Cloverdex and Digibyte

Cloverdex Is Tackling 7 Cryptocurrency Exchange Challenges

Cloverdex is tackling the usability, security, liquidity, transparency, regulatory compliance, lack of trading education, and fund accessibility challenges faced by almost all exchanges today.

The platform has incorporated the liquidity and speed available in centralised exchanges with the security afforded in a decentralised exchange since users have access to their private keys.
On Cloverdex, there is no hidden fees, the platform comes with 2 Factor Authentication and Multisig implementation and plans to implement continuous and regular external security audit by a reputable auditing firms.

Beyond that, it maximise liquidity by surviving on best available prices using external exchange pools.

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Cloverdex and DigiByte (DGB): Perfect For the Cryptoworld

Cloverdex has the potential to revolutionise the cryptoworld with its fully-packaged products combined with the speed and security of DigiByte. When the platform fully starts performing, thousands of traders will dump their exchanges for Cloverdex.

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