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CNBC Analyst Ran NeuNer Breaks EOS’ Blockchain-Based Twitter Competitor Launch New

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CNBC Analyst Ran NeuNer Breaks EOS’ Blockchain-Based Twitter Competitor Launch New

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world are patiently expecting EOS’ biggest announcement that is to be made on 1st June, 2019.

As we all wait for the announcement, rumour mongers have said EOS is partnership with Twitter or Facebook.

As people keep speculating, the tease announcement made EOS to hit its 10 month high after seeing 16% price increase within 24 hours.

Nothing is behind the growth other than the expected announcement that is to be made by, the company that created EOS blockchain.

The rumour heightened when EOS made known that it bought back $20 million equivalence of RAM on EOS. The action, lured investors to buy more EOS.

While this is not the real announcement, the yesterday listing of EOS on Coinbase came out to be another possible June 1 announcement, however, it did not happen on the expected date.

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Meanwhile, analyst Jacob Canfield is sure EOS is making a big announcement on June 1, for the fact that the blockchain firm engaged in the buying back of shares.

Analyst Ran NeuNer Breaks EOS Possible Announcement

Few hours to 1 June 2019, CNBC analyst RanNeur took to twitter to state that EOS chain is launching a blockchain-driven competitor of Twitter.

The crypto analyst did not say the news is the possible announcement to be made on 1st June.

He said:

“Block one, the founding company of the EOS chain is launching a blockchain powered competitor to Twitter. Participants will be rewarded for engagement using tokens that represent a portion of the ad revenue.”


While we expect the announcement to be a solid partnership, or at least be more than this, the CEO and co-founder of, Brendan Blumer‏, had said the blockchain project is not announcing a partnership deal with Google or Facebook, or Apple. In fact, he said EOS is not even planning any form of airdrop.

“We are excited about B1June, but encourage everyone to be realistic in their expectations – there are some wild rumours out there which are just not true. Big news for some, may not be for others. No Facebook, Apple, or Google partnerships. No Airdrops. Stay calm, keep building.”

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